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General Education

Honors Program

Honors Advising

The Honors Program provides advising to its students during their first year and throughout the rest of their undergraduate years.

Honors Students can find their assigned Honors Faculty Advisor by logging on to MySacState and looking under the Advisor section of the Student Center.

Honors Forms

Honors Program Academic Advising Worksheet

General Education Honors Program Catalog

Add/Drop/Withdraw From Courses

Other Forms

Student Registration and Advising Guide

Individual Registration Holds (On MySacState)

GE Requirements in CSUS Catalog

Declaration of Major

Unit Cap


Registrar Forms

Amata, Ben Parsh, Bridget
Brodd, Jeffrey Pomo, Roberto
Gregory-Abbott, Candace
Simpson, Lee
Lilly, Frank
Strutz-Sreetharan, Cindi
Wheeler, Greg



October 16-November 16

Honors students seek advising from Honors Faculty advisors and Peer Mentor

November 30

Priority registion for Spring 2016

November 30-December 18

Registration for Spring 2016

December 7-December 18

Registration for January 2, 2016 WPJ exam; for more information visit Click here to sign up for the WJP. 

December 23-January 10

Registration unavailable for Spring 2016


Spring 2016 Honors Scholarship award disbursed

January 11-21

Class registration for Spring 2016 resumes for all students

January 25

First day of Spring 2016 instruction


Priority filling date for FAFSA (first week in March)

March 3-March 14

WPJ registration for March 22, 2016 WPJ exam