Lineman will try his talents on the next level

Bobby Ritter
State Hornet
Published December 1, 1999

Just the next in the long line of CSUS players getting ready to take the leap from Sac State football to the NFL.

Sorry, make that the first in line ≠ a place that Hornet guard and long snapper Lonnie Paxton doesn’t seem to mind being at all.

A senior and communication studies major, Paxton remains cautious with his emotions despite feeling thrilled about his prospects to play in the NFL.

“It would be like a dream come true,” said Paxton. “I have no expectations, though. At this point I would just see it as icing on the cake.

While Paxton may have a conservative approach to his prospects, it turns out that his chances are ≠ in reality ≠ quite good.

The average NFL long snapper can get the ball back to the punter at a distance of 15 yards in .80 seconds, Paxton averages .75 seconds per.

Offensive line coach Angus Mclure says that scouts are really high on the 6’3” 275 pound Del Campo graduate.

“A scout from the New York Giants said he’s better than the guy they have now,” said Mclure.

Head coach John Volek also feels as though Paxton has a great chance of playing football at its highest level.

“If a team has three lineman equal in talent, they’re going to take the one who can do other things,” said Volek. “I know, I was a lineman, but I was also a long snapper in college. I knew I had the perfect skill.”

All of this came as a surprise to the four-year scholarship player.

“It’s a shock,” said Paxton. “I snapped in high school only because I was the one who could get it back there the farthest. Now, coach and other people are telling me I have a shot at the NFL. It blows me away.”

One thing that Paxton does not want however is to be pigeon holed as just a long snapper. He speaks very sternly about his desire to excel as a guard, as well as a long snapper.

“I like to be known as a complete football player, but if long snapping is going to give me an opportunity to play in the NFL, I’ll take it,” said Paxton.

Although Paxton is happy with his exposure this year, he admits that his final season didn’t really turn out the way he wanted it.

“It definitely did not go the way we had wanted it to go,” said Paxton. “our expectations were really high, but it still wasn’t that bad.”



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