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The mission of Sacramento State's Office of Housing and Residential Life is to provide a welcoming and stimulating environment that prompts students to participate in co-curricular activities that promote life and leadership skills, social responsibility, and academic success.

Housing Goals

  • Provide affordable, comfortable, clean, and well-maintained facilities where students not only "live", but also "learn" as they pursue their curricular and co-curricular goals   
  • Create structured opportunities for students to develop life and leadership skills, while helping them clarify and enact values related to civility, global citizenship, and social responsibility
  • Build an environment that helps students understand themselves and others while celebrating the value of human difference
  • Serve as effective, efficient, and transparent stewards of the fiscal resources generated via the Housing revenue fund
  • Provide technological services and products that foster student learning and staff productivity


Integrity: Dedicated to conducting the Housing and Residential Life operation in an honest, ethical and trustworthy manner.  Leading with courage, accountability; positive role modeling.

Quality Customer Service: Committed to excellence in serving customers.  Committed to the quality of programs for students, and partnership with the people of the region.

Teamwork: Work collaboratively to provide a positive, caring environment; where staff take pride in the quality of their work.

Professionalism: Being accountable for ethical conduct that reflects positively on the University, the department, coworkers, and yourself.

Innovation: Committed to continuous improvement in the quality of the residential experience shaping the future with an increasingly global perspective.

Respect: Highest regard for the worth and rights of others including respect for their ideas, values and contributions.