Important Dates To Remember


Feb 10-24           

The Priority Housing Application Process for current residents who wish to return and live on campus again next academic year begins February 10, 2014 at 10 a.m. “Returner Priority” allows residents to select a room prior to other non-priority applicants.  In addition, residents with this priority status will receive a $150 rent reduction off of their September installment amount.   The Housing Application can be accessed and submitted online. 

Feb 24                  

The Priority Housing Application Period for current residents ends at 11:59 p.m. February 24, 2014. Current residents may still apply after this deadline, but no longer have “returner priority status.”      Current residents who do not renew their housing license for the 2014/15 academic by February 24 will not receive a discount on their September housing installment charges. 

April 10               

Returning residents with Priority Housing Applications must pay $175 (Installment # 1) by April 10, 2014.  If the first installment is not received by this deadline, the application will be placed in Late/Pending status until paid and will cause the loss of “returner priority” for room space selection and will no longer receive discount on the September installment charges.     

April 15-16        

Same Room Signup: Returning Residents with Priority Application and payment currently living in Sierra, Sutter or the American River Courtyard may be  able to select their same room for next year.

April 21-23         

Any Room Signup: Returning Residents with Priority Application and payment may be able to select their room space and request eligible and confirmed roommates for the following academic year before other non-priority housing applicants. 

Students will be assigned a time slot based on when their completed housing application was submitted. Residents may access the room selection function in the on-line housing application according to their assigned time slot.  

Residents may select or change their room choices after this time period, but will no longer have priority over new housing applicants. All room selections must be completed by May 15, 2014.  If residents choose not to select a room, they will be auto-assigned.

June 16                

Installment #2 due: Specific payment instructions are provided on the Housing website. Remaining installment payments due during fall and spring semesters will be determined by room type assignment and meal plan choice.   

Failure to pay installment #2 will result in loss of any room space selection as well as loss of the discounted rent charge in September.  The student’s application will be placed in “pending status” until paid. 

July 24                 

Cancellation Deadline: Students wishing to cancel their housing application may do so for any reason up to July 24, 2014 by submitting the cancellation request through the housing application site.  A $175 cancellation fee will apply.

If requesting to cancel after the July 24th deadline, a Cancellation Request Form along with written documentation meeting the published cancellation criteria must be submitted to the Housing Office. Request is subject to approval.  If approved, a $175 cancellation fee will apply, plus applicable prorated rent from the required 30 day notice period.  If not approved, student will remain obligated to their Housing License Agreement for the 2014/15.