Television Services

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The Housing Department provides a custom television lineup to residents.  This includes an assortment of popular local and cable television channels.  In addition, Residence Life Cinema provides movies through a dedicated cable channel and is also viewable online on a video streaming server.

Channels & Schedules

Cable Channel Guide


All channels are digital. A TV with a QAM tuner is required to view channels. Most HD or digital TVs sold after 2006 have an internal digital QAM tuner. If residents have an older television that doesn’t have a QAM tuner, a TV Tuner box that has a QAM tuner built-in must be purchased. Please email to get more information or call us at 916-278-6655.

For more troubleshooting information, please check-out our vendor’s information page:

WHAT’S NEW? HD Channels that include: ESPN, NFL, NBA, Bravo, Lifetime, Food Network, F/X, TNT, Nat Geo, MTV, and Comcast Sportsnet. (More HD Channels will be added each year.)

NEW CHANNELS INCLUDE: Big Ten network, Cloo, Chiller, World Harvest, Ovation TV, RFD TV, Live Well Network, Me-TV, V-me, PBS Encore, MNT, This TV, ION, Audience TV, Once Mexico, HITN, CSPAN, Destination America, H2, Link TV, Gospel Music, and Investigation Discovery.

Movies: Hornet Cinema

What is Hornet Cinema?

Hornet Cinema is a division of Swank Motion Pictures, Inc. ® and provides a full program solution by offering campus entertainment using licensed Hollywood movies.
Movies are changed monthly with two ways to view:

1) Hornet Cinema is available on Channel 4.6 in the Residence Halls.
2) Channel Guide Line-Up - Hornet Cinema Movie Schedule (Channel 4.6)
3) On-demand, streaming content available. Click Here to Enter

TIVO Setup

Click here to view instructions on setting up your TIVO.