Frequently Asked Questions

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What services does the ResLink Help Desk offer?
The Reslink Help Desk is available to all residence hall residents to assist them with computer networking-related issues. Residents can submit a ticket and view available Help Desk services by visiting Additionally, Help Desk staff offer informational sessions on a number of technology related topics, such as how to get connected to both the wired and wireless networks, how to protect computers from viruses and spyware and the other computer-related resources available on campus.

The Help Desk does not offer support for software or hardware installation.

Where can residents go for more help if they need it?
We cannot recommend any one specifically, but this Google search may help: Local Mobile Computer Help.

Can a router be used in residents room?
Having a router in room is allowed, having wireless enabled on these devices is prohibited. If the router is capable of broadcasting a wireless signal, the wireless should be disabled on it. Please look at specific router instructions for how to do this or contact the ResLink Help Desk at (916) 278-6655,

Can more than 2 devices be connected to the internet simultaneously?
Yes, please review the previous question.

If using a router do gaming devices need to registered with ResLink?
No. Connect both workstation and gaming console to router. To authorize router for full Internet access simply sign on by opening a unaffiliated campus website in web browser on the connected workstation. Sign on using SacLink loginID and password. Both gaming console and workstation will now be authorized for full Internet access.

Laptop or a Desktop?
Laptops are generally more useful to residents. It is mobile and allows residents to use it in a variety of different ways, such as classrooms, labs, common areas and study groups. However, depending on a residents needs or circumstances, a desktop may also be a good choice as well. One thing to keep in mind computers are theft targets.  When purchasing a computer, invest in a cable or similar computer lock.

There are 2 wall jacks in the room, which should be used for the internet?
If living in Draper, Jenkins, Sutter or Sierra Hall use the gray jack. If located in Desmond use the jack labeled “data”.

Is there wireless network service in the residence halls?
Sacramento State wireless conforms to 802.11G wireless networking standards. To connect wirelessly to SacLink in the residence halls and elsewhere on campus, residents’ computers must have at a minimum an 802.11G-compatible wireless network card. 802.11 N cards will work as well and are encouraged for faster data transfer. Most new laptops come with built-in 802.11G or N compliant wireless cards. Wireless network signal is accessible in residence halls common areas, study rooms and individual rooms. Campus wireless internet coverage maps and additional information can be found at .

Please note: Personal wireless routers are not allowed. Such wireless signals compete and conflict with Sacramento State’s wireless signal.

Are p2p (peer-2-peer) applications such as Kazaa, Gnutella, Limewire, etc. allowed?
While the use of such applications is not prohibited, the sharing of copyright materials is prohibited. Please view the AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) for further clarification on this issue. Please be aware that peer to peer networks use a very large amount of bandwidth. Bandwidth in the residence halls is a limited resource. 

Can personal collection of movies/songs/pictures with others in the Residence Halls be shared?
While sharing files, printers, etc. with others over the Residence Hall network is allowed the sharing of copyrighted materials with anyone is completely prohibited and against the law. Please view the AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) for further clarification on this issue.

When getting a message saying that computer is infected and cannot be used to access the Internet, how can full Internet access be restored?
Make sure you run all of Windows updates and have an anti-virus scanner that has the latest definitions installed. Then contact the ResLink Help Desk about having Internet access restored, (916) 278-6655. Please visit the IRT website for additional desktop security measures.

Anti-Virus Software
No need to look any further! Sacramento State student can download for free.

Microsoft Security Essentials (for PC):

Sophos (for mac):

How to check SacLink email?
Please visit Web Access, when prompted for a user name and password simply put in SacLink ID and password. Use this address to check SacLink email both on and off campus.

Where to purchase Ethernet/Coax cable?
Ethernet cables are available for purchase from the bookstore in different lengths to fit the needs and setup of residence hall room.