Impulse/Safe Connect - Frequently Asked Questions

What am I allowed to access when quarantined?

On-Campus Remediation Services like Anti-Virus Software and Internet sites such as Microsoft Windows Update Services, along with other on-campus resources you may need. These include mySacState, SacCT, Library resources and other campus services open to the Internet.

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Can I download operating system software security updates while quarantined by Impulse?

Yes. Any Windows Updates your system needs can be downloaded and installed while you are in quarantine mode. The same applies to virus definitions from most of the major anti-virus providers and to anti-spyware updates from Microsoft, SpyBot and Ad-Aware.

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When I run Windows Update Services, I get a message stating that the product key used to install windows is invalid. Why?

Windows Update will fail if your Windows Operating System is not properly licensed. You must have a legal copy of the operating system to connect to the university network. Please contact Microsoft or your PC manufacturer if you believe you have a legal copy. You can purchase a Windows Operating System license at a student discount at the Hornet Bookstore.
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Do I have to use the Impulse Policy Key?

Yes. All Microsoft Windows PCs and Laptops are required to use the Impulse Policy Key to ensure a safe computing environment for all and it is required for network access.
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What happens if I uninstall the Impulse Policy Key?

You can uninstall Impulse Policy Key at any time; however within minutes you will then be unable to access the Internet while connected to the ResLink wired port. You will be required to reinstall the Policy Key as if you are a new user to gain Internet access.
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How do I know the Impulse Policy Key is running?

On Windows machines with Windows 2000 or Windows XP, you can right-click any blank space on the task bar at the bottom of your screen and select the option "Task Manager". When the Windows Task Manager appears, click the "Processes" tab and look for the process "PolicyKey.exe".
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Is the Impulse Policy Key compatible with my system?

Yes. The Impulse Policy Key is compatible with and required for Windows Systems. At the present time, Macintosh, Linux, and FreeBSD machines are not required to install the Policy Key.

My gaming console does not have a web browser. How will I connect to the internet?

Game consoles plugged directly into to ResLink network (wired) will automatically register and will be able to connect to the Internet. Game consoles connecting to the SacLink wireless will require manual registration to connect to the Internet. Please refer to "How to Register a Gaming Device" for efficient service or contact the ResLink Help Desk at (916) 278-2555 or to answer further questions.
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What does the Impulse Policy Key actually do?

The Impulse Policy Key continuously validates that your system has up-to-date patches, the state of the system’s firewall and security software (e.g. anti-virus, anti-spyware). The Impulse Policy Key will also certify that certain P2P file sharing applications are not running based on past copyright violations, system abuse or current risk trend (i.e. aggressive malware outbreak) to protect campus systems and maintain core academic services.
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What are these selected applications?

Once the Impulse Policy Key is enabled, we will require that your Windows Automatic Updater is running. We recommend but do not require that you also have running anti-virus software installed with the most current definitions available. Finally, certain P2P file sharing applications may be restricted based on past copyright violations, system abuse or current risk trend (i.e. aggressive malware outbreak) to protect campus systems and maintain core academic services.
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What are the benefits?

The Impulse Policy Key is part of the Sacramento State's effort to help you keep your computers as free as possible from viruses, spyware, and operating system security holes. Machines protected in this way generally perform much better and require much less downtime due to damage caused by malicious software. Also, the Impulse Policy Key can help to ensure that the average user has the fastest possible browsing experience while connected to the campus's network. It does this by:

  • Ensuring that communication from malicious software does not flood the Sacramento State's Internet connection, resulting in much slower connections for legitimate users.
  • Restricting certain applications that would otherwise consume an unfairly large share of the Sacramento State's bandwidth, again resulting in a slower connection for the majority of users.

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What if my system is not up-to-date?

If your system has been determined to not be up-to-date, your computer will be "quarantined." While quarantined, you will still have access to academic resources such as mySacState, SacCT, Library resources and other campus services open to the Internet, as well as to update servers for your operating system, anti-spyware and anti-virus software.
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What about my privacy?

Your privacy is important to us. The Impulse Policy Key scans only for Windows update services compliance, anti-virus and anti-spyware status and certain P2P file sharing applications.
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How do I set it up?

  • Plug into a wired port in the ResHall
  • Open your Internet browser
  • Within a minute or so you will be prompted to log in
  • Authenticate to the network using your SacLink username and password
  • Click on the link to accept the Acceptable Use Policy and install the Impulse Policy Key
  • A few seconds after the installation is complete, you will receive a web page informing you of any steps required to ensure your system's security. If your system is already in compliance with ResLink policies, you will be free to access the web immediately.

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