Wireless Deactivation Guide

Routers with wireless connectivity are required to have the wireless portion turned off while the devices are being used on campus. Failure to have the wireless device turned off is a violation of the ResLink and SacLink terms of service.

To deactivate the wireless portion (every router brand/model is different and the names may be different than the examples):

  • Plug computer into the router using a cat5/cat6 cable. Make sure to plug into a network/LAN jack.
  • Open an internet browser and type into the URL bar the default ip address of the router. This is usually Check documentation to be sure.
  • Enter the administrator username and password for router if asked. Check documentation if username and password are unknown.
  • Once in the administrator web page, there will be a section labeled "Wireless". It may be a sub-section under headings labeled "LAN" or "Network".
  • Find the link for managing channels/SSID.
  • Find the section for wireless mode, this is a usually a drop down box.
  • Select "Off".
  • If any issues or questions set up an appointment with the ResLink Help Desk, or 278-6655 for help configuring router.