Boost Your Experience

Welcome to Sacramento State and Housing and Residential Life Office. We are happy you have chosen to attend “Sac State” and to “live on-campus”. We hope the following information will help you settle in and get comfortable in your new surroundings. Your Resident Assistant and live-in professional staff are excellent resources should you have questions or concerns.

Get to know your RA and other suitemates
Don’t be shy. Look for opportunities to engage with other residents. Attend floor meeting and stop by your RA’s room to introduce yourself. Also, don’t forget a smile goes a long way in building friendships. 

Get to know the campus
Don’t be late to your first class! Get to know campus before your first day of class. Best way to do this is get a campus map and take a quick tour of the classroom buildings. This will make your transition to the campus much easier and less stressful. If in doubt where to go, ask your Resident Assistant.

Get involved in extracurricular activities and clubs
Make a deliberate, genuine, no-backing-out commitment to yourself to get involved in something on campus beyond attending your classes. One of the best ways to enjoy your campus experience is to get involved in clubs/organizations and other extracurricular activities early on in the fall semester. These activities help you get connected to campus and provide leadership opportunities. The Residence Hall Association (RHA) here on campus is an excellent way to meet new friends and have your voice heard in the decision making process in the residence halls. Some other ideas:

Get a part-time job on campus working in an academic department, the library, or in one of the many student affairs departments.  Visit the employment website and check out the student employment opportunities.

Volunteer to assist at campus events, or apply to be a Resident Assistant (RA) or a campus tour guide. This is a sure way to get to know the campus and faculty/staff and other students.

Attend campus events—basketball games, lectures, concerts, plays, programs that your RA puts on and the list goes on.  Attend even if you have to go alone - just go!

Do not assume that "everybody" already knows "everybody else".
Every student, international, native or transfer, has the same potential to make new friends at any point. Coming in with an assumption that you are somehow "the odd person out" is counter-productive, and inaccurate.

Be Patient
Maintaining support ties at home along with persistence in meeting with new people and trying new things will pay off as the first month of classes comes to a close.

You Belong
Whether you are an exchange/international student or transferring in with 12 credits from another college (freshmen transfers), a full Associate of Arts degree (about 60 credits), or even 80-90 credits from another school, you have the same status and rights as native students – you belong here. This is an important point because there is a tendency for transfer students to think of themselves as less important or not as integral to the university community as students who entered as first-time freshmen. This is not true.

Plan your first semester schedule carefully
Give yourself time to adjust and set up what will almost certainly be a challenging yet successful first semester.