Benefits Orientations & Workshops

Spring 2014 New/Newly Eligible Faculty Benefits Orientation - A workshop that provides a comprehensive review of the CSU Benefits Program for Faculty.

If you are unable to attend an in-person Benefits Orientation session, you can review the following Benefits Overview PowerPoint Presentation.

Employee Benefits Packet (PDF Portfolio)

The Employee Benefits Packet contains general information on the various programs within the CSU benefits package and forms required for enrollment. The packet contains 4 pocket:

  1. Pocket 1: Health Care & Enrollment Information
  2. Pocket 2: Voluntary & Supplemental Insurance
  3. Pocket 3: Workers' Compensation & Disability
  4. Pocket 4: Tax Deferred & Retirement Options
  • Double-click a folder (pocket) to open/review contents
  • Double-click a document within a folder (pocket) to select
  • After selecting a document:
    • Click "Open File" in the top right-hand corner of the screen to open the document for viewing or
    • Click the "Extract File" button (appears when your mouse is hovering over the document) to save a copy of the file.


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