Classification Program

The responsibility for conducting classification/skill level reviews and establishing classification/skill level and FLSA designation decisions has been delegated by the Office of the Chancellor to the President of Sacramento State who in turn has delegated that authority to the Vice President for Human Resources.  It is University policy to strive to ensure that duties, responsibilities, and skill levels assigned to staff positions reflect the appropriate classification/skill level in accordance with the Classification and Qualification Standards issued by the CSU Chancellor's Office. Below are some links to required documents for the classification process.

Appeal Procedures - The appeal process is a bargaining unit right for the employee to appeal a classification and/or skill level decision.

Check-List for all Classification/Skill Level Requirements - This is a convenient checklist of all the required documents and signatures for the Classification Program.

Classification Program Memorandum - This memorandum provides information on the classification program, including any changes or updates to the program for the coming fiscal year.

Employee Initiated Classification Reviews - Staff Employees have a right within University policy and/or contract language to initiate a classification or skill level review of their position. This document outlines the policies and the procedural information to start an employee initiated classification review.

Information, Policy and Procedures - This is a comprehensive document that provides the general policy and procedural information.

Lead Work vs. Supervision Chart – This chart describes the difference between lead work direction and supervision.

Management-Initiated Classification Reviews - An appropriate administrator may request a review based on changes in duty assignments and/or skill level which Management believes may impact the current classification level.

Position Description Guide – This is a tool and resource to assist in writing staff position descriptions 

Position Description Guide – PowerPoint Presentation 

Position Description Form Sample – This is a sample of a completed Administrative Support Coordinator I position description.