Compensation Information

Conducting equity analysis for determining salary upon appointment to the University; conducting salary, in-range progression, equity review and market salary analyses; consulting with departments regarding reorganization, compensation programs and position description development.

Compensation includes management requests for promotions of staff, reviewing proposed salary changes, establishing starting wages or salaries in conjunction with management and making recommendations to management on pay rates in general.

Bonus Guidelines - Availability for bonus depends upon bargaining unit.  Bonuses are currently available only to units 2,5,7,9 (CSUEU) and 4 (APC).

In-Range Progression Guidelines - In-range progressions that are requested by employees, supervisors or managers, should be forwarded to the program center manager to assess if an in-range progression is warranted and funding available.

Quartile Calculator - This tool allows you to determine appropriate compensation rate for each individual based on the criteria set in the Salary Guidelines.

Represented Staff General Salary Guidelines - The purpose of these guidelines is to implement salary provisions for employees covered by collective bargaining agreements.