MPP Search Process Guidelines


POSITION: __________________________________________________

All positions for which you intend to recruit are to be submitted via the Automated Request to Advertise in PeopleSoft HR/SA.

The following materials must be submitted as electronic attachments with the Automated Request to Advertise:

  1. Request for Exemption form
  2. MPP Position Description Form
  3. Organizational Chart (current)
  4. Screening Criteria (must be supported by the duties and responsibilities of the vacant position).
  5. Interview Questions (must be supported by the duties and characteristics of the vacant position) in draft format if available.
  6. Reference Check Questions (must be supported by the duties and characteristics of the vacant position) in draft format if available.
  7. Background Check Worksheet - Review the Criminal Background Check Process and Guidelines for additional information regarding this requirement.
  8. A copy of the advertisement(s), if the position is to be advertised in a newspaper/journal or on other websites. The advertisement(s) will be reviewed and approved by the Manager of Employment in the Office of Human Resources.  Departments may utilize their Procurement Card for the placement of job advertisements. Departments that do not have a Procurement Card may access the Procurement Website to get information on how to request a Procurement Card.

**The position information that will be entered into the Automated Request to Advertise will result in the Vacancy Announcement – therefore it is not noted above as a required attachment.

Prepare draft Timetable (Attachment 1).

Prepare a Timeline (Attachment 2).

Place ads, approved by the Office of Human Resources, in journals, newspapers and websites. (if applicable)

  • Chronicle of Higher Education
  • Other appropriate journals

Prepare memo asking various campus organizations for help in forming a Search Committee (Attachment 3).

Prepare memo for various Organizations on Campus: (Attachment 4a) and (Attachment 4b).

Send vacancy announcement, as appropriate to:

  • CSU campuses – with "Dear Colleague" letter, if appropriate (Attachment 5)
  • U.C. campuses
  • Community and Private Colleges

Prepare a confirmation letter for committee members, if appropriate. (Attachment 6)

  • If any member of the committee selected falls within the "non-exempt" category, notify the AVPHR so appropriate arrangements can be made for payment of overtime, if any, associated with the search.

Arrange for Organizational Search Committee Meeting.  This meeting should include all committee members, the supervisor of the vacant position and the Manager of Employment.

Provide clerical support for the Selection Advisory Committee.

Prepare Packets for Organizational Meeting.  Include:

  • Agenda (Attachment 7)
  • List of Search Committee members
  • Search Committee responsibilities sheet (Attachment 8)
  • Timetable
  • Timeline
  • Appointment Process Summary, blank [available online]
  • Vacancy Announcement
  • Journal/Newspaper Ad
  • Search Process for Administrative Positions (Attachment 9)
  • Chart to fill in times available for meetings (Attachment 10)
  • Hosting a Candidate (Attachment 11)
  • Reference Checking Protocol, Reference Check, and " Guidelines for Reference Checks" (Attachments 12a) (Attachment 12b) (Attachment 12c)
  • Include 1 copy of "Responsibilities of Committee Chair", to be given to the person elected Chair (Attachment 13)

When applications are received:

  1. Acknowledgments are automatically sent to applicant via email.
  2. Acknowledgment letters (Attachment 14) may be sent if desired.
  3. Send "you've been nominated" letter, if appropriate (Attachment 15)
  4. Send letter for applications received after priority review deadline if they are not going to be considered (Attachment 16a); if position is advertised as "open until filled", use (Attachment 16b).
  5. Send "withdrawal" letter to anyone who withdraws their name from the search (Attachment 16c).

Set up a log sheet to track all applications received (Attachment 17).  From this, prepare alphabetical list of candidates, including affiliation, for appropriate administrator.

When received from Committee, send screening criteria, reference check questions, and interview questions (for review/approval) to the Manager of Employment.  Once approved, committee will gain access to online applications.

Committee gains access to online applications and screens applicants per screening criteria.

Send regrets letters to those not selected for an interview (Attachment 18a) and (Attachment 18b).  Make sure letters are logged before mailing.

Obtain approval from appropriate administrator for reference check calls to those being considered.

Do reference checks of candidates being considered for interview.  A grid such as (Attachment 19) can be used to divide up the phoning duties.

Obtain from Search Committee members their available times for interviews. (Attachment 20

Prepare an Interview Schedule Availability sheet (available time schedule for committee members and others to be included in interviews).  Something like (Attachment 21) may be used.

Call candidates and arrange interviews; see (Attachment 22) for script.

Prepare an Interview Schedule, showing where candidates will be for all of their meetings (Attachment 23).

Send memo or email to campus groups informing them of their meeting times with the candidates (Attachment 24) and (Attachment 25).

By phone, get information from the candidates to fill in Travel Information Form (Attachment 26).

Remind Committee Chair to assign hosting duties.

Make appropriate hotel reservations.

Prepare a list of finalists for the position (Attachment 27).

Send confirmation letters to candidates coming for interviews. (Attachment 28

  • Information regarding position/department
  • catalog, if appropriate
  • information regarding community, if appropriate
  • interview schedule (Attachment 29)
  • list of interviewers
  • name of host

Send set of interview schedules to Committee members, along with a Calendar of Events (Attachment 30), and a Contact Information Chart. (Attachment 31)

If appropriate, confirm interview schedule with department chair, and send Retreat Rights memo (Attachment 32a) and (Attachment 32b).

While applicants are on campus, have them sign the Direct Payment Request form and the Payee Data Record form (available from Accounts Payable), and turn in their receipts.

Send regrets letters to those interviewed but not selected (Attachment 33).

Clean up search material and send the following to HR:

  1. PTF (Personnel Transaction Form)
  2. Process Summary
  3. Copy of Vacancy Announcement
  4. Selection Criteria/Interview and References questions
  5. Reasons for Selection
  6. Resume's of All Interviewees
  7. Degree Verification (if applicable)

Keep in hiring department:

  1. Committee member interview notes
  2. Committee member reference check notes

Human Resources prepares appointment letter.

Once acceptance is received:

  • Send thank-you letter to Search Committee members (Attachment 34) and request the return of the packet of applications.
  • Prepare memo to campus community announcing the new administrator (Attachment 35) if applicable
  • Compile search expenses, arrange for reimbursements.
  • The department maintains complete record of the recruitment efforts and all original application materials. All applications/resumes, information, and materials received from applicants are to be considered "confidential" and should be retained by the department for a minimum of three (3) years.  Contact the Administration and Business Affairs Office (ext. 86312) for information on the availability of off-campus storage, if needed.