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The Staff Employment Process FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I need to do to hire someone?

  • All positions for which you intend to recruit are to be submitted via the Automated Request to Advertise in PeopleSoft HR/SA.
  • Prior to entering an Automated Request to Advertise (Recruitment Request) in PeopleSoft HR/SA – e-mail the position description (PD) to the Classification & Compensation HR Representative (C&C HR Rep) assigned to your department.  Let the C&C HR Rep know that you need to have the PD reviewed so that a recruitment request can be submitted.  Once the PD has been finalized the C&C HR Rep will e-mail you a copy of the PD with their initials and date on the top.  This is the PD that is to be used for the recruitment request.  PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT ANY OTHER VERSION OF THE PD.
  • After you receive the finalized PD from the C&C HR Rep you can begin entering the recruitment request using the Automated Request to Advertise process in PeopleSoft HR/SA. 

How do I know what type of information to enter into the “Posting Information” fields of the Recruitment Request?

  • Each field has a “help” link with an example of the type of information to be entered.
  • Position Information should include: whether position is part-time, full-time or hourly-intermittent.  Also enter hours of position.  (Example:  This position is full-time.  Hours are Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm).
  • Salary should include: Salary information can be found on the 2nd tab of the Request to Advertise.  Salary schedule can also be found on-line at  (Example: Salary Range: $2,505.00 - $3,758.00 per month)  If the hiring department budget limits the salary range that can be offered, state the anticipated hiring range.  (Example: Recruitment Range: $2,505.00 - $2,800.00 per month)
  • Hiring Department Information should include: Name of hiring department and if applicable the specific unit the position is located in.  If desired, briefly enter department marketing statement.  (Example - Facilities Services/Custodial Services or Information Resources & Technology/Academic Computing Resources).  Check the department website for information that could be used.
  • Knowledge, Skills & Abilities should include: Copy and paste the required and preferred knowledge, skills & abilities directly from the final version of the PD.
  • Essential Functions should include: Copy and paste the essential functions (excluding percentages %) directly from the final version of the PD.
  • Under the “Other Information” tab please make a notation as to whether or not the incumbent in the position will be issued a Procurement Card.  For those positions issued a Procurement Card we are required to include particular disclosure information in the vacancy announcement.

The following materials must be submitted as electronic attachments with the Automated Request to Advertise:

  • Request for Exemption form – only required for staff probationary hires and new MPP positions.  NOT required for temporary staff replacement or MPP replacement positions.
  • Position Description form / MPP Position Description form. (Only the final version of the PD that was received from the C&C HR Rep. should be attached)
  • Organizational Chart (current)
  • Selection Criteria (this information is to be the same as the minimum qualifications and the required/preferred knowledge, skills & abilities as noted on the final version of the PD).
  • Interview Questions (must be supported by the duties and characteristics of the vacant position).
  • Reference Check Questions (must be supported by the duties and characteristics of the vacant position).
  • Samples of any demonstration of skills to be expected of the applicant in the hiring/interview process, e.g. sample of material to be entered in a spreadsheet using Excel, instructions to the applicant and a separate answer key.
  • Background Check Worksheet – Review the Criminal Background Check Process and Guidelines for additional information regarding this requirement.
  • A copy of the advertisement, if the position is to be advertised in a newspaper/journal or on other websites. The advertisement(s) will be reviewed and approved by Employment Services. Departments may utilize their Procurement Card for the placement of job advertisements. Departments that do not have a Procurement Card may access the Procurement website to get information on how to request a Procurement Card.

Please be sure to review the contents of the documents carefully prior to attaching them to the recruitment request

  • Have you attached the final version of the position description that was received from the C&C HR Rep?
  • Do the selection criteria match the minimum qualifications and the required/preferred knowledge, skills & abilities as noted on the position description?
  • Is the organizational chart up to date and does it reflect the position that is being recruited?
  • Are the interview questions appropriate for the position?  Are you asking enough questions associated with the required/preferred knowledge, skills & abilities and the essential functions of the position to solicit the information that you are seeking from the candidates?

Forms can be obtained on the HR Forms webpage.

For complete instructions please access the Automated Request to Advertise User Guide.  If you have not received training on how to use the Automated Request to Advertise you may utilize the on-line tutorial.  Navigation in CMS HR > Automated Recruitment Request > Create a Recruitment Request

What if I do not have security to access the Automated Request to Advertise?

Is there anything that needs to be submitted to Human Resources in addition to the Automated Request to Advertise?

  • After receiving e-mail confirmation that the recruitment has been finalized, please immediately send an original and 3 copies of the final version of the “Position Description Form” with all appropriate signatures to Human Resources – Employment Services, campus zip 6032. Please note the recruitment request number that was electronically assigned to the position in the upper right hand corner of each document so that HR can coordinate the hardcopy information with the appropriate on-line request.  SEARCH COMMITTEE ACCESS TO APPLICATIONS WILL BE WITHHELD UNTIL SUCH TIME AS THE SIGNED PD’s ARE RECEIVED in HR.

What happens to my recruitment request after I submit the Automated Request to Advertise?

  • When a Recruitment Request is submitted the Approval Process will be initiated. The process is a set of electronic approvals starting with a Department Review, Dean/Program Center and/or VP approval, continuing on to the Budget Office and Office of Human Resources.
  • Approvers will receive an email notification containing the Recruitment Request ID, the Posting Title and a direct link to the Recruitment Request Approval Page.
  • Once the Recruitment Request has been electronically approved at the Department/Dean/Program Center/VP levels it is sent to Human Resources, Employment Services.
  • The Recruitment Request will be reviewed by Human Resources, Employment Services to ensure the submission is complete, accurate and has all required approvals to fill the vacancy.
  • Employment Services is responsible for sending the Request for Exemption form for probationary staff positions and new MPP positions to the President’s Office for signature.  PLEASE DO NOT SEND THIS FORM TO THE PRESIDENT’S OFFICE DIRECTLY OR SEND IT WITH YOUR VP – THIS WILL ALL BE FACILITATED BY HR-EMPLOYMENT SERVICES.
  • The Recruitment Request is then sent forward to the Classification Unit for a brief review.
  • The Recruitment Request then moves on to the Budget Office for confirmation or assignment of a CMS position number and review of funding information.
  • Following the completion of the above steps the Recruitment Request goes back to Human Resources, Employment Services for the posting information entered by the Requestor to be reviewed and approved. The selection criteria, interview questions, reference questions and position description will also be reviewed. Departments may be contacted if there are questions related to any of these items.
  • When the approval process is complete, an e-mail notification will be sent to the original requestor.
  • The Office of Human Resources – Employment Services will post the vacancy announcement.
  • Positions are posted on Wednesday of each week.

What if I am an approving authority and I have not been trained or do not have security access?

  • If you have not received training on how to use the approval process for the Automated Request to Advertise you may utilize the on-line tutorial.

Navigation in CMS HR > Automated Recruitment Request > Recruitment Request Approval Process

How long will this whole process take after I submit all of the above to Human Resources, Employment Services?

  • Departments should plan on a minimum of one to two weeks before the position is advertised; two weeks for the advertisement; one week to review the on-line applications and arrange interviews; minimum of two to four weeks to interview, make a selection, prepare and submit the process summary hiring documents for signatures; one week for Employment Services to make and finalize a job offer; and two weeks for the candidate to give notice to their previous employer, for a total of approximately nine to twelve weeks.
  • Other things that may impact the length of time to advertise and fill the vacancy are:
  • Clarification and/or revisions to be made to position descriptions, posting infomation and/or other attached documents.
  • If there is to be an advertisement in a newspaper or journal this must also be coordinated with the actual dates the position is advertised.
  • Process Summary packet not complete, ex. Forms, documents missing, applications/resumes missing, etc.
  • Insufficient detail to support the selection of the chosen candidate.
  • Insufficient detail to support the de-selection of candidates interviewed.
  • Response time from selected candidate
  • Salary negotiations with selected candidate

How long does the position have to be advertised?

  • Per the Memorandums of Understanding, positions must be advertised a minimum of two weeks.  If you wish for the advertisement to run longer, please indicate so on the Request to Advertise. 

What happens after the position advertisement closes?

  • All applications must be submitted via the on-line application system no later than 11:59 P.M. (Pacific Time) on the closing date for the position. Once the position is closed, staff in Employment Services will run a query to determine CSUEU bargaining unit members and departments will be notified of the on-campus employees covered under Article 9.3 of the CSUEU MOU who have applied for their position.  Please note that Employment Services doesn't screen the on-line applications to determine if they meet the minimum qualifications of the position.  This is the responsibility of the hiring departments.  All Search Committee Members will receive an e-mail when the on-line applications are ready to be viewed. Search Committees will receive access to view on-line applications after the position closes or is posted for two weeks. Please refer to the on-line instruction guide.

What is Article 9.3 of the CSU/CSUEU MOU?

  • Article 9.3 of the CSU/CSUEU MOU states: “It shall be the policy of the CSU in filling vacant bargaining unit positions to fill such vacancies from among qualified individuals currently employed at a campus."
  • NOTE:  It is important that any “specialized skills and abilities” required of the position be included in the Position Description Form when it is submitted to Employment Services.  Such skills and abilities may not be added after the advertisement process.  Special skills and abilities used to disqualify on-campus candidates must be required knowledge and skills that cannot be easily learned on the job after a brief orientation.  In the event an on-campus applicant files a grievance, it is the responsibility of the department to defend their decision.

Who should serve on my hiring committee? What are the member’s functions?

  • Individuals most familiar with the department and position being filled are best candidates for the hiring committee.  There should be a minimum of three members on the committee and the committee should reflect diversity where possible.  You should also refer to the MOU covering the position for which you are going to interview to determine if a bargaining unit member must be represented on the hiring committee, e.g. Unit 4, Article 13.4 states that “…at least one bargaining unit member shall be included on the committee.”  Unit 6 states that when an interview panel is utilized and the union recommends one (1) bargaining unit member from the craft being recruited, such unit member shall serve on the panel. 
  • The committee should collectively screen the applicants using the pre-approved selection criteria to determine if they meet the Minimum Qualification equivalencies and the Required/Preferred Knowledge, Skills and Abilities noted on the vacancy announcement; select the candidates to be interviewed and interview candidates using pre-approved questions.  Normally four to eight candidates are selected. 
  • The committee will do reference checks on final candidates using pre-approved reference questions and make recommendations on the top candidates for the position in order of preference to hire.  Note: (Before reference checks are conducted, please refer to the Employment Application Form, page three (3), to determine if the applicant indicated that they wish to be contacted before reference checks are made).  For on-campus applicants, hiring managers may verbally request information from the Staff Employment Manager regarding an on-campus applicant’s past Performance Evaluations. 

What forms are submitted in order to hire the selected candidate?

A completed Appointment Process Summary form with appropriate signatures, a Personnel Transaction Form (PTF) for the selected candidate with appropriate signatures; a thorough description of the reasons for the Committee’s final decision based on the required/preferred knowledge, skills, abilities and essential functions of the position; copies of the selection criteria, interview questions, reference questions; and a printed copy of the on-line applications and resumes of all applicants interviewed. This information should be sent to Employment Services (campus zip 6032). Employment Services staff and/or the Manager of Employment will contact the Search Committee Chair if there are any questions or to seek clarification of the materials submitted. Employment Services staff will make the offer of employment and advise you of the results and proposed starting date. At no time should an offer be made, or an indication given to an applicant that they are the first choice, by the hiring department/college.   

  • NOTE: Applicants, if they are employed, are usually expected to give a two-week notice to their employer before beginning a new position.
  • If the starting salary is above the minimum of the salary range for on or off campus candidates a “Request for Staff Appointment/Salary Increase Above Guideline Minimum” form must be completed with all necessary signatures and sent forward with the other Appointment Process Summary documents for review and consideration for approval. If approved, a job offer will be made by Employment Services at the salary rate approved.  This form is available at

Can the hiring department call the selected candidate directly to make the job offer or let the candidate know they are the finalist and the Employment Manager will be in contact with them?

  • NO. All offers are made by the Employment Services.  Until the potential offer has been approved at all levels, the offer is not official. 

What happens to those applicants not selected?  Can I call them and tell them that they were not selected?

  • All applicants who were interviewed and not selected receive a letter of regret from the Employment Manager.  We ask hiring departments not to contact any of the applicants after the conclusion of the interviews.  If calls are received from the interviewees, please ask them to call Employment Services to discuss the process. 

What happens to the applicant we select on their first day of work?

  • The Employment Services Office provides new employees with a free parking pass on the day of their orientation, generally their first day of work.  Employees obtain the pass at an Information Booth.  New employees then go to The Employment Services Office for their orientation.  During orientation new employees sign their appointment letters, review and sign their new job descriptions, hear about campus policies and procedures and are provided a benefits review by Benefits Office Staff.  Employees then move on to the Payroll Office to sign employment eligibility forms and tax forms; to the OneCard office to receive their Staff Identification Card; to Lassen Hall to purchase their parking pass; and then to their department to begin work.  It is also recommended that the hiring department perform introductions and provide a departmental orientation. 

Is there any way I can obtain a temporary employee to fill in until I’m able to fill this position?

  • If you need temporary help there are several sources from which to choose:
    • Retired Annuitant Pool – please contact Marianne Mangosing at extension 86326 if you wish to hire a retired annuitant.
    • Temporary Help Agency – to obtain help from a temporary staffing service, please call Amanda Cruz-Golberg at 86627 and she will assist you in coordinating this hire.
    • 180-Day or Less Hires – depending on the MOU, departments may hire a temporary employee without advertising for a total of 180 days or less.  To hire this type of employee departments must:
      • Submit an appointing and separating PTF, a Request for Temporary 90-day Employee formTemporary Staff Application form and Staff Position Description Form, to Cathy Mangosing, Del Norte Hall 3009, campus zip 6032.  The position is reviewed by the Classification Unit to determine appropriate classification and salary and approved for filling.  If departments wish to hire above the minimum of the range, a “Request for Staff Appointment/Salary Increase Above Guideline Minimums” form must accompany the PTF.  Once all of the necessary paperwork has been received, the hiring department will be notified of the date that the individual is eligible to begin work and the salary rate approved, so that they can contact the temporary employee.  An offer letter of temporary employment will be prepared by HR, Employment Services and sent to the individual being hired. Please contact Marianne Mangosing at 86326 with any further questions.

If the candidate we selected should leave for any reason, after a brief period, can we then use the same applicant pool rather than re-advertising?

  • A request to hire from the same applicant pool must be made in writing and approved by the Director of Employment Equity and the Manager of Employment.