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February 2017 Payroll Deadlines

January 31
Direct Deposit for January Master Payday

February 1
Key December Time and Labor (1/1 through 1/30) with Key Date of 1/30
Absence Self Service Users: Key Absences for 1/1 through 1/30

February 5
Timekeepers: Approve Time and Labor and deliver timesheets to Payroll Services by 3:00 PM
Absence Self Service Managers: Approve absences online

February 15
Non master payday for January 2018 (Student Pay, Hourly Intermittent Pay, Overtime, Shift, Stipends)

February 15
PTF's due to Human Resources

February 20
Docks must be reported to the Payroll Office

February 28
Master Payday for February (Staff, Managers, Faculty)

March 1
Direct Deposit for February Master Payday