Frequently asked questions 

How do I submit my Jury Duty substantiation form?
Please submit your Jury Duty substantiation form from the Court to your payroll technician once you have completed service. You may mail the form to Campus Zip 6032 or email a scanned copy to your payroll technician.

How would I go about completing an employment verification?
Employment verifications can be requested from the Payroll Customer Service line: (916) 278-6211.

Can I have my check early?
No. State Controller Guidelines mandate that under no circumstances do we release pay warrants early.

Can you mail my check? 
Payroll cannot mail pay warrants. You may check with your department for their policy on mailing warrants and make arrangements with them.

It's payday-where is my check? 
Please check with your department. If they did not receive your warrant, they may contact Student Financial Services Department to see if your warrant officer signed for it. If not, the department may contact your payroll technician.

What is this deduction on my check? 
Have you recently signed up for a TSA, Dependent Care or other benefit? Do you owe the University or another State or Federal Agency money? Did you receive moving expense monies that you are now being taxed on? These are just a few of the reasons that you will find an additional deduction on your pay stub.

Do I qualify for direct deposit? 
All employees qualify for direct deposit immediately.

When will my direct deposit begin after I sign up? 
Depending on your financial institution, it usually takes 30-45 days. Always check on payday to see if your direct deposit has begun. Do not assume.

If I move during the year, where do I need to change my address? 
All employees need to change their address with the Payroll Office. If you update only your department and the Benefits Office, this will not affect the payroll system. You may do so by visiting the Payroll Office or by using the CMS HR Self Service system online. Students also need to change their address with Admissions and records. All changes must be completed by December 10th of each year to ensure W-2 mailing accuracy.

How do I start or stop a U.S. Savings Bond? 
All Savings Bonds transactions are handled by the Payroll Office. Payroll must have your completed form to the State Controllers Office by the 9th of the month to ensure the change will be in effect on your next paycheck. ** The Savings Bond Program will be discontinued effective January 1, 2011. **

How do I cancel union dues? 
Write a letter to your union (include your social security number, date and signature) asking to cancel your active membership and to cancel the collection of dues. Keep a copy of the letter for your records. NOTE: Withdraws are processed once a month by the State Controller's Office on the 10th. 
If the deduction isn't cancelled, write a second letter, again, keeping a copy for your records. 
If the deduction still isn't cancelled, write a letter to the State Controller's Office. Bring a third, original letter, as well as copies of the first two letters to the Payroll Office. We will forward it to the appropriate office for cancellation.

Some unions have a "window period" for withdrawing. Contact your union steward (preferably in writing) requesting these dates. Union address:

Units 2, 5, 7 & 9
1108 O Street, Suite 500 Sacramento, CA 95814

Unit 3
980 9th Street, Suite 2250
Sacramento, CA 95814

Unit 1 
5777 W. Century Blvd., Suite 880 
Los Angeles, Ca. 90045

Unit 4 
Academic Professionals of Ca. 
5040 Parkridge Dr. 
Oakland, Ca. 94619-3514

Unit 6 
P. O. Box 5258 
Blue Jay, Ca. 92317

Unit 8 
100 Campus Center 
Seaside, Ca. 93955

Unit 11
6500 S. Rosemead Blvd.
Pico Rivera, Ca. 90660

I want to change my TSA or Deferred Comp. How can I determine the net affect on my check? 
The State Controller's Office has a downloadable Excel page for this computation called a paycheck calculator. You can find a link to the net pay calculator on our main payroll page.

When are W-2's issued? 
They are Printed by the State Controllers Office and issued on approximately the 15th of January. They are sent to the most current address on file with the Payroll Office as of December 10th of the previous year.

I've lost or didn't receive my W-2's, what do I do? 
Stop by the Payroll Office-it may have been returned to us. Or you can visit the State Controllers' web site at

I've lost/destroyed my paycheck. What do I do? 
Go to the Payroll Office to request a duplicate warrant. This process can take 2-4 weeks. If you have a partially destroyed warrant, bring all of the pieces with you as this may expedite the issuance of a replacement warrant. 
A lost stub can be replaced with a computer printout from the Payroll Office (you must request this in person at the Payroll Office), or online through CMS (HR Self Service).

How do I get a refund of my contributions to the various retirement accounts upon separation from the University? 
If you have contributed to PERS, the refund form can be obtained and completed in the Payroll office. All other refund requests can be obtained through the Benefits Office (Sac 162).

I have questions about my leave balances. Who should I contact? 
You should always contact your timekeeper first. If the information is unobtainable or the issue is not resolved, the timekeeper should call the Payroll Office.

If I file "exempt" from tax withholding, does that status last until I make another change? 
No, you must re-file your tax "exempt" status every January or it will automatically revert to Single status with 0 allowances.