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Fee Waiver Updates

Fall 2016 – Continuing Participants

CSU/CSUS Tuition Fee Waiver forms are available for pick up beginning April 4th through April 29th. Fee Waiver participants are required to pick up their forms from our office in Del Norte Hall 3010D.  The office hours are 9:00 a.m. to 12 noon.

After April 22nd Fee Waiver forms may be picked up by appointment only. The deadline for submission of the Fall 2016 Fee Waiver forms is April 29th. Continuing participants will receive email reminders.

Fall 2016 – New Participants

For those interested in the Fee Waiver program, please review the 15 minute informational video on our website, and email us at if you have questions or to set an appointment with the Coordinator. 

New participants or participants who have not enrolled in courses for more than two semesters must fill out the Certificate of Eligibility form. You may obtain the form from Del Norte Hall 3010D or download the form from our website.  You will be notified, via email, of your Fee Waiver benefit eligibility within five working days.  After your eligibility is determined, appropriate Fee Waiver forms will be available for pick up at our office.

Professional Development Workshop series

The Spring 2016 workshop series will focus on the holistic professional and personal development of our employees.

For complete information, please check our Training page

Supervisor's Development Program (SDP)
This series is designed to address the professional development needs of our management, supervisory, and lead employees. 

SDP is geared to those who want the benefits of a structured training curriculum. The courses in this program will serve as the core knowledge and skills base for our new and experienced supervisors.

As a supervisor, you are responsible for creating a work environment that encourages all employees to contribute to the organization; building and maintaining strong communication links, and use appropriate motivation techniques and recognition programs.  We believe this series will serve as a strong foundation to assist you in your efforts.  For more information, please call us at 8-6327 or to register, please view our website.

Effective Business Writing and Editing
This class offers an overview of the most important principles and techniques for successful business writing.  Over two morning sessions, you will examine many different ways to strengthen your business writing style and save time for your readers. The class also provides exercises for practicing your editing skills.  For more information, please call us 8-6327, or to register please view our website.

NoonTime Wellness Activities

We invite you to reduce stress and meet your daily physical activities needs by participating in our NoonTime and Afterwork program activities. Find a partner and learn Yoga, or tone those muscles with Aqua Aerobics, and make it a practice to engage in healthful activities! Visit our NoonTime Wellness page for additional information.