Welcome to our Fall 2014 Professional and Personal Development opportunities!

Fee Waiver Updates

CSU/CSUS Tuition Fee Waiver forms will be available for pick up October 6th for continuing program participants.  For those who may be interested in the program, please review our 15 minute informational video below, and email us at with questions or to set an appointment. 

The Fee Waiver Program Short Video

New Participants
New participants or participants who have not enrolled in courses for more than two semesters must fill out the Certificate of Eligibility.  You may obtain the Certificate of Eligibility from Del Norte Hall 3010D or download the form from our website.  You will be notified, via email, of your Fee Waiver benefit eligibility within five working days.  After your eligibility is determined, appropriate Fee Waiver forms will be available for pick up at our office. 

Spring 2015: Fee Waiver participants will be required to pick up their forms from our office in Del Norte Hall 3010D beginning October 6th.  After Novenber 10th forms may be picked up by appointment only. All Fee Waiver paperwork will be due November 14th. Continuing participants will receive email reminders when the forms will be available.  Please be aware that the forms cannot be picked up by anyone on your behalf (exceptions will be made for dependents and spouses whom are receiving the Fee Waiver benefit).