Wellness @ Work Testimonials

What does NoonTime and AfterWork Wellness mean to you?

 “The Wellness Program is a time when I can easily step away from my work and clear my mind and remove stress for that little while.  When I am participating in the Wellness program I find that I eat healthier, and I start to feel better and look better.  I have been participating in Aqua Aerobics (on and off) for a couple of years now.  I find that I feel better when I am participating, and I also have met a lot of very nice people in the class. It’s a great thing. And I don’t have to jump into my car and drive to it. Its steps away from the job.”

Leticia Perez

“I have been partaking in the various offerings of the Noontime Wellness program for over 13 years. From weight training to aerobic conditioning to water aerobics to open swim to yoga, I am not only very grateful that the campus offers this program, but better for it. The wellness benefits of my lunch-time activities have positively affected my physical and emotional health. With the passing years, as my body changed, so did my needs, and Noontime Wellness has been there. Over the past few years, I started yoga and found myself more flexible in body and mind.”

Cheryl Johnson

“During a "mid-life crisis" when my marriage was not working and life took on a certain "just get through each day" quality, the outlet provided me by NoonTime Wellness was a real "life-saver."  It was often the only activity I could look forward to with genuine enthusiasm.  In short, it helped me get through a painful period in my life, injecting a bit of "wellness" into a "much less than well" life circumstance.  

Now, at the age of 60, I have a hard time imagining any other venue for the positive expression of my lifelong passion of basketball.  Thanks to NoonTime Wellness, I am still lacing them up and heartily enjoying the "Fellowship of the Hoop"! I might also mention that noontime basketball is a marvelous cross-section of faculty and staff at Sac State, with a rich diversity not easily come by elsewhere, on or off campus. I am deeply grateful to Noontime Wellness for providing such an important outlet in my life.”  

Lewis Robinson

 “To me, noontime wellness provides me with the motivation and “excuse” to get away from my desk and actually take a lunch break!

This program is one of the biggest benefits of working on campus.  The existence of NoonTime Wellness communicates that I and other staff and faculty are worth the investment of time and money that is spent on planning and coordinating the multiple activities.  It’s a circular benefit, too: knowing that the campus community supports my wellness makes me more likely to take care of myself and the campus community.  Taking a break in the day to be active makes me not only healthier and a better worker, but it has also opened the doors for cross-departmental collaboration since I meet new people during activities.  I have made new friends, provided consultation, shared encouragement, and feel more connected to this campus as a result of Noontime Wellness.”

Jennifer Wood

“Noontime and AfterWork Wellness program means a recharge of energy to go back to work. It means good health, improved posture, a mental break, improved memory, and better blood circulation.  The Wellness program improves my attitude towards my work and my co-workers.  It is a priceless gift from CSUS to their employees.”

Martha A Reyes

“NoonTime and AfterWork Wellness means that my employer cares enough about their employees to provide space, equipment and instructors at the minimum so I can maintain a healthy lifestyle if I choose to.”

Martinique M Baker

“Joining NoonTime Wellness has given me the opportunity to be more active during the day. It helps me to clear my mind and get the blood flowing back to my brain and muscles, which revitalizes me for the rest of the day. Thank you for the opportunity to better myself and improve my workday!”

Candace Ensley

“I love the Wellness program! I’ve participated for the past 14 years, mostly during the noontime, but I have taken the yoga class when offered after hours.

The Wellness program keeps me healthy, happy and sane. Even when work is crazy stressful, I make time for the noontime wellness and am always rewarded with a refreshed body and brain for the rest of my work day. The after-work yoga is also a great way to rejuvenate before you head home for the day.

I would encourage anyone to take advantage of this great Sac State program. There are activities to fit everyone and instructors  are always telling us to work at our own level, so you’re never pushed beyond what you can handle.”

Kendal A Chaney-Buttleman

“Noon Time Wellness = healthy body + sound mind = increased productivity + longevity

It's one of the reasons that I'm proud to be working at Sac State as it looks after the wellness of its faculty and staff.”

Lilia de la Merced

“I have participated in the Wellness program before it had an official name.  Fred Furukawa offered to do a walking class after work for staff and faculty on his own time for no pay.  He really got me started.  I loved it!

I have participated in any and all programs ever since Fred got me started.  We have had many wonderful teachers over the years.  Jennifer Park has really been a driving force and she has been great.  Linda Belton has retired but we loved her. Alicia Patrice is a wonderful yoga instruction too.

But the wellness program gives me something to look forward to every day.  It means some relaxation and stretching with yoga that helps relieve my stress and works on my posture.  It means cooling off in the pool and talking to some great friends.  It means keeping me healthily.  I haven’t been sick in years. 

I love the program!”

Nancy McCarty

“In a world, sanity.  We benefit from the use of the facilities at Sac State, the dedication of the people who work on putting together the wellness program year after year and the great instructors who lead the classes – particularly the water aerobics.  These activities allow me to focus on a healthy activity and reduce stress, meet new staff-faculty/develop campus working relationships, and come back to my desk after the NoonTime classes refreshed and able to function much more effectively on my job.  I encourage everyone to participate in this program, you won’t regret it.”

Julie Cahill