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Office of Human Resources

Sabbatical Leaves

The purpose of the sabbatical leave, as stated in the University Policy Manual , is to enhance professors' teaching effectiveness, enlarge their scholarly usefulness, and strengthen the academic program. It is the professor's obligation, the policy further states, to use the leave to promote professional competence.

The Professional Leave Committee (PLC) will evaluate proposals according to their likelihood of meeting these ends, and will, according to the Collective Bargaining Agreement for Unit 3 Faculty, consider questions...[of] ... quality. This will entail looking for a clear and detailed description of a particular project to be undertaken. The project should be well defined and should conform to the four criteria listed in the Academic Leaves With Pay policy (section II. B.).

The PLC will sort the proposed projects into three categories, as follows:

•  Proposals judged to be among the best of the proposals submitted, based on features of unusual value or promise, will be recommended for approval regardless of equity. Unusual promise may be manifested in such features as the perceived value of the project to the discipline and to the University, its academic substance, the clarity with which it is defined and elaborated into practicable tasks, its timeliness, etc.

•  Proposals which do not offer convincing evidence of a well-defined and worthwhile project will be judged to be not acceptable.

•  All other proposals will be judged to be acceptable and ranked in order of accrued service.

Before applying, make sure that your proposal is complete and formatted as follows:

  1. A brief and explicit summary of the particular tasks that you plan to perform in the accomplishment of the objectives.
  2. A concise statement of objectives.
  3. An overview of relevant background information and a description of the project's significance to the academic field of interest.
  4. A brief description of the anticipated benefits of the project.
  5. The dates of your last sabbatical or difference-in-pay leave (if applicable).

To apply please submit:

1) An electronic copy of the sabbatical leave application (Deadline: Friday, September 30, 2016 5:00 pm).

2)  An electronic copy of your proposal; include as an attachment when submitting the electronic copy of the sabbatical leave application.

3) An electronic copy of your previous sabbatical or difference-in-pay leave report (if applicable); include as an attachment.