Who to Contact About Personnel Matters

Christine D. Lovely
Vice President
Human Resources
Del Norte Hall, Room 3001D

Audit Responses and Support
Conflict of Interest Issues
Whistleblower Complaints
Support for Committee on Administrator Review

Kim Harrington
Professional Development & Training
Del Norte Hall, Room 3010

Fee Waiver Program
Training and Development Programs and Coordination (Staff)
Mandatory Training and Customized Training Opportunities

Linda Robles
Employee Services
Classification & Compensation
Del Norte Hall, Room 3005B

Jill Kimble
Employee Services
Classification & Compensation
Del Norte Hall, Room 3005C

Salary Schedules (All Employees)
Compensation Questions (Staff)
In-Range Progressions/Discretionary Staff Bonuses
Reclassifications/In-Classification Progressions
Position Descriptions (Staff and MPP)
New Position Classification (including MPP)
Classification Review and Appeal Process
Departmental Reorganizations
Temporary Reassignments (staff only)

Jackie Kernen
Academic Personnel and Employee Relations
Manager of Academic Personnel
Del Norte Hall, Room 3002D

Salary and Personnel Transactions Faculty
Compensation Questions (Faculty)
Full time Faculty Employment (Recruitment Requests, Hiring, Appointments, and Appointment Process Summaries
Temporary Faculty hiring
Subpoenas for Personnel Records
Department Chair Appointments and Stipends
Temporary Faculty Hiring
Faculty Additional Employment
Faculty Background Checks

Darlene Edelman
Employee Services
Payroll Manager 
Del Norte Hall, Room 3006

CMS HR/Payroll including 21st Century Project
Employee Check-out Separation Process
Form I-9 Process
Non-resident Aliens
Verifications of Employment
Leave Accounting

Scott Oleinik
Employee Services 
Benefits Manager
Del Norte Hall, Room 3004C

CMS/HR /Benefits including 21st Century Project
Benefits eligibility and coverage customer service (All Employees)
Group and one-on-one orientations, counseling and informational, workshops and seminars
Benefit programs and retirement administration, including active and retirees (All Employees)
Continuation of Coverage Programs (COBRA & Direct Payment)
Death Benefits (All Employees)
Disability Leaves:
Catastrophic Leave, Family Medical Leave, Maternity/Paternity
Disability Retirements
Non-Industrial Disability Insurance & Industrial Disability Leave

Jake Hurley
Academic Personnel and Employee Relations
Associate Vice President
Del Norte Hall, Room 3002E

Recruitments and Appointments (Faculty)
New Faculty Orientation
Retention, Tenure and Promotion (RTP), including RTP workshops
Leaves of Absence without Pay (All Employees) 
Faculty Early Retirement Program (FERP)
Employee Exit Surveys (All Employees)
Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) for All Employees (Policy and DOL Interpretations)

Chela Cholula
Employee & Labor Relations
Del Norte Hall, Room 3002D

Collective Bargaining Agreement Interpretations (All Bargaining Units)
Collective Bargaining Grievances and Complaints (All Bargaining Units)
Discipline (All Bargaining Units)
General Personnel Policies and Procedures, Interpretations and Applications
Performance Evaluations - Administration (Staff and MPP)
Rejections during Probation

William Bishop
Equal Opportunity
Del Norte Hall, Room 3002G

Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation Complaints
Reasonable Accommodations for Employees
AA/EOR & Full-Time Faculty Recruitment Workshops
Pregnant & Parenting Student Rights
Campus Compliance Training