Humanities & Religious Studies offers an integrated approach to the study of world cultures. In courses on Western European, Asian, and American cultures, students explore ideas, ideals, and values as they are expressed in art, music, drama, history, literature, philosophy, and religion.

The Humanities concentration provides a strong interdisciplinary foundation while also allowing students the opportunity to focus their studies. For example, students can concentrate on a specific era, such as the Ancient World, the Middle Ages and Renaissance, or the Modern World. Students may also concentrate on a single cultural field such as American Studies or Asian Cultures.

The Religious Studies concentration is an in-depth comprehensive study of religious belief and practice on a global scale that surveys diverse interpretations of religious experience within and across cultural boundaries and examines religious institutions and sacred texts within a historical framework.

Students majoring in Humanities and Religious Studies may prepare for careers in teaching from the elementary level (as part of a Liberal Studies major program) through the secondary level (as part of a single subject credential program in English/Humanities). A major in Humanities and Religious Studies is also suitable preparation for postgraduate study in several advanced degree programs, including the Master of Arts program in Humanities.  Providing a solid grounding in the liberal arts, the major helps graduates qualify for continued professional preparation for careers in teaching at the community college or university level, as well as library, museum, or curatorial work. Humanities and Religious Studies majors are also well-prepared for careers in government and fields such as the law and counseling, which require interaction with people from diverse cultural backgrounds.