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Humanities and Religious Studies

  • What are the Humanities?

    The Humanities are academic & artistic disciplines that focus on fundamental questions of human existence & the many ways in which they have been answered both by individuals & entire cultures.

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    What are the Humanities?
  • What is Religious Studies?

    Religious Studies focuses on the beliefs & practices of the world’s religions & their relationship to history & culture.

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    What is Religious Studies?
  • Why Major in HRS?

    We nurture understanding of cultures and religions, providing an edge in careers requiring effective communication and leadership. We also teach research, writing and organizational skills essential in many professions.

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    Why Major in HRS?
  • What Can I Do With An HRS Degree?

    Our most motivated students find positions teaching HRS subjects or managing library collections. Others find the skills they acquire make them competitive applicants for graduate school in other disciplines.

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    What Can I Do With An HRS Degree?
  • HRS for Non-Majors

    Many of our students are English, Philosophy, and Art majors who have discovered that HRS complements their majors. Our GE courses attract hundreds of students. We also offer minor programs in HRS.

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    HRS for Non-Majors
  • Faculty and Student Voices

    This web site features voices from faculty and students, as well as alumni using what they learned here in various careers.

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    Faculty and Student Voices


Whether you are one of our majors, a non-major checking out our courses, or an off-campus guest interested in our program, we’re glad you’re here! We have designed this site to answer common questions about our department, but if you don't find answers here, do email or give us a call.
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