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July 2009
What's Happening

Transfer as concerns grow about shortages of Californians with bachelor’s degrees, the community college transfer function becomes more important than ever. IHELP has looked at what eight other states are doing to try to improve transfer and will be publishing a new policy brief on the topic. Look for it in the months ahead.

CSU Graduation Project – The California State University Chancellor’s Office has a one-year planning grant as part of the Lumina Foundation’s Making Opportunity Affordable initiative which is focused on improving productivity in higher education. CSU has contracted with IHELP to study the 23-campus system’s efforts to improve graduation and make recommendations for future steps. This is just one part of the CSU planning year activity, which they hope will lead to a follow-up grant to improve productivity in these times of very limited budgets.


Technical Difficulties Report Cover
New This Month

Technical Difficulties: Meeting California's Workforce Needs in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Fields

This report draws attention to California’s looming shortage of educated workers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields, as the demand for such workers increases and the state is producing too few graduates to meet the demand. The report offers recommendations to meet workforce needs and maintain the economic benefits that have resulted from the state’s historical strength in STEM employment.

View the Executive Summary
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And in Case You Missed It…The Grades are In Regional Profiles

IHELP’s latest report analyzing the performance of California higher education in the areas of preparation, participation, completion, affordability and benefits is now available by region. It includes important local data by race/ethnicity and discusses key issues and policy recommendations for each category. See the regional performance profiles and the original report.

Spotlight On

Several of our recent reports have recommended that California adopt a “public agenda” for higher education that sets statewide goals and targets and identifies the policies and investments needed to accomplish those goals. Below are examples of what a few states have done with a public agenda.

Illinois                                    Kentucky                              North Dakota          
Oklahoma                             Washington

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