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March 2013
What's Happening

Presentation at A2MEND Summit – IHELP Director Nancy Shulock gave a presentation on performance gaps and policy responses in California higher education at the African American Male Education Network and Development Summit on March 7, 2013. The theme of the conference was Unfinished Business: A Commitment to Institutional Change and African American Male Success. Click here to view the presentation.

Guest on KTLK Radio Los Angeles – IHELP Faculty Associate Su Jin Jez was a guest speaker on KTLK Radio’s program Speak and Be Heard on March 2, 2013. Su Jin spoke about education funding and the California lottery.

Association for Education Finance and Policy Presentations – IHELP Faculty Associate Su Jin Jez gave two presentations at the 38th Annual AEFP Conference in New Orleans on March 14-16. The first presentation centered on Career Technical Education and the College Completion Agenda: Analysis of CTE Programs in the California Community Colleges. The second presentation topic was Redeeming For-Profit Colleges and Universities: How Public Policy Can Ensure Quality and Success.

New PPIC project – IHELP will begin a new project for the Public Policy Institute of California. The project entails analyzing patterns of implementation of the new associate degrees for transfer to determine whether the early experiences with the new degrees signal that the Community College and California State University systems are on track to meet the need for more seamless and efficient transfer pathways for students.  

Features This Month

Career Opportunities – Career Technical Education and the College Completion Agenda, Part IV: Aligning Policy with Mission for Better Outcomes

This new IHELP report is the culmination of a four-part series on career technical education in the California Community Colleges. The project, funded by The James Irvine Foundation, is aimed at identifying ways that state and system policy can best support the CTE mission so that colleges can be more effective in helping students earn credentials of value in the workplace and helping employers and industries in their regions obtain a skilled workforce. Based on a comprehensive analysis of potential barriers to more effective CTE, researchers offer a set of suggestions for policy changes intended as a resource for the community college system as it continues to work to improve student success.

View the report

In Case You Missed It - State and System Policies Related to Career Technical Education – A Series of Working Papers

In preparation for the final report (above) released this month, IHELP researchers identified a number of problems that could be addressed with selective changes to state laws and regulations. Researchers explored these policies by various themes in five different working papers. In each paper, researchers identified several problems, examined laws and regulations related to those problems, and offered suggested policy changes to address them. Most of these ideas are incorporated into the final Career Opportunities report, but these working papers are organized more specifically around each of the following five policy issues:

Program Offerings


High School to Community College to Workplace Pathways

Program Structure and Delivery

Faculty Issues

Spotlight On

The Common Core Meets State Policy: This Changes Almost Everything –  
A new brief from Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE) looks at the policy implications of the K-12 Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and English Language Arts and the changes in store for California. As California works to implement these standards, author and State Board of Education President Michael Kirst argues that education policies must continue to change to reflect and support the new reforms. Kirst examines policies including state curriculum and frameworks, K-12 and college assessments, accountability systems and college readiness among others that are not currently aligned with the Common Core. Click the link below to view the brief.

PACE Policy Brief



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