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November 2009
What's Happening

IHELP Presents to National Association of System Heads – Colleen Moore, IHELP research specialist, gave an invited presentation in Chicago to the National Association of System Heads (NASH) on November 11, 2009 for the organization’s Access to Success Initiative (AS2) Leading Indicators Project. The initiative is a joint project with The Education Trust aimed at increasing college access and success for low-income and minority students. Moore’s presentation centered on IHELP’s recent report “Steps to Success: Analyzing Milestone Achievement to Improve Community College Student Outcomes.” Moore presented her findings to leaders from eight higher education systems who are working on developing better indicators of student progress. View the presentation.

IHELP Speaks at Association for the Study of Higher Education Seminar – Nancy Shulock, executive director of IHELP, gave an invited presentation about how policy research can be useful to the policymaking process at the 30th Annual ASHE Graduate Student Policy Seminar on November 5, 2009. Shulock joined leaders in higher education including Patrick Callan, National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education; Paul Lingenfelter, State Higher Education Executive Officers; Joni Finney and Laura Perna, University of Pennsylvania; and William Zumeta, University of Washington. The Graduate Student Policy Seminar provides graduate students in higher education programs with opportunities to interact with researchers and policymakers who are knowledgeable about critical public policy issues in higher education. View Shulock’s presentation.

Nancy Shulock
New This Month

IHELP Delivers Presentations across the State on Looming Shortage of Technical Graduates

IHELP was recently invited to present its report “Technical Difficulties: Meeting California’s Workforce Needs in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Fields" at the 2009 California Regional Briefing Series. The briefings, sponsored by the Campaign for College Opportunity, focused on the need to produce more college graduates to meet the demands of the California economy and centered on the findings of IHELP’s Technical Difficulties report and the Public Policy Institute of California’s report “Closing the Gap: Meeting California’s Need for College Graduates.”

Jeremy Offenstein and Hans JohnsonThe series featured keynote speakers IHELP Executive Director Nancy Shulock (pictured above), IHELP Research Analyst Jeremy Offenstein and PPIC Associate Director and Senior Fellow Hans Johnson (pictured right). Shulock, Offenstein and Johnson joined leaders in higher education,


In Case You Missed It - "Steps to Success: Analyzing Milestone Achievement to Improve Community College Student Outcomes"

IHELP’s newest report offers a framework, based on the research literature, for guiding educators in using available knowledge and tools to improve student outcomes. Using data from the California Community Colleges, the report illustrates the framework, which consists of milestones, or intermediate educational achievements that students reach along the path to degree completion, and indicators of success, defined as the academic patterns students follow including remediation, gateway courses, and credit accumulation, that predict the achievement of milestones. The report shows how the framework can be used to diagnose where and why students fall off the path to success, to suggest appropriate interventions, and to improve accountability in community colleges.

Spotlight On

Colleen Moore, IHELP research specialist, and Jeremy Offenstein, IHELP research analyst, recently attended the California Community College Association for Occupational Education’s Fall 2009 Conference in Long Beach, California, titled “Collaborative Innovations for Economic Recovery.” The mission of the CCCAOE is to provide leadership for occupational education and economic development professionals involved in workforce development. Moore and Offenstein attended the conference to learn more about career technical education (CTE), specifically, its challenges, its successes and the gallant efforts put forth by the CTE community college staff, administration and faculty. IHELP is beginning to study ways to strengthen public policy in support of CTE. To learn more about CCCAOE and past and future conferences, visit their website.

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