Criteria for Grading Research Papers
Comparative Vertebrate Morphology – BIO 126

The following rubric establishes objective criteria for determining grades on papers for the Research Papers in Comparative Vertebrate Morphology. The assignment is worth 100 points. Points will be deducted under the following scheme:

For each paragraph that does not include a reference                                                     -5

For each illustration that is not attributed to a source                                                      -5

For any substantial portion of a paragraph or specific block
of information that is not attributed to a reference                                                           -3

For each reference cited in the text that is not included in the
Literature Cited section of the paper                                                                              -1

For each reference in the Literature Cited section of the paper
that is not cited in the text                                                                                              -1

Citations of references that do not conform to the designated
format                                                                                                                  up to -5

Use of inappropriate references                                                                 up to -6

For each instance of misinformation due to careless reliance on
inappropriate references                                                                                        up to -3

Serious grammatical errors                                                                                    up to -5

Poor organization                                                                                                  up to -5

Incorrect usage of zoological names                                                                      up to -5

Excessive quotation, even with proper attribution                                                   up to -5

Citation of weights and measures in non metric units                                           -1

Under most circumstances an otherwise complete paper will not earn less than 50% of credit on the assignment, except in cases of academic dishonesty. Quotation without attribution constitutes plagiarism and will result in a grade of 0 on the paper and potentially other penalties as described in the University Policy Manual ( UMA00150.htm).