BIO126                                         Comparative Vertebrate Morphology

 15 February 2006

How To Search PubMed - a service of the National Library of Medicine


            One of the largest electronic databases of scientific literature is provided by the National Library of Medicine - PubMed.  The database covers thousands of journals and includes papers in all areas in biological sciences.


            To search PubMed, read and then follow these instructions:

Open the link at the end of these instructions and you will see the following page:



In the blank following “for” type your search term of interest and select “Go.”

For example, I entered “fossil whale” and was given this page:



This gave 29 recent articles. Now select one that relates to morphology.  I think that #4 would be interesting: “Eocene evolution of whale hearing.”  Select that one and you will see the following page:


Now I can read the abstract and see the names of the authors. I also see at the top of the page the citation for the article (where it can be found). This one is from the journal “Nature” in 2004, volume 430, pages 776-778. Find this journal in the library and read the article. If this is the one you would like to read for the class, make a copy and bring it to class. If you cannot find the journal, ask a librarian.


If this one doesn’t interest you then you can go back to the list; there are more. If the subject interests you but not this particular article, look over to the right and see the “Related Articles” link. I selected that link and was presented with this page:


Check out #6 - “The origin of whales from early artiodactyls: hands and feet of Eocene Protocetidae from Pakistan.”  Now that’s interesting!


Remember, you may not understand everything that you read, but you have to start somewhere!  Let me know if you need more help.


Now Go to PubMed: