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Updated: 1 May 2012

Refereed Publications:

Larkey, D.J., S.L. Datwyler and W. C. Lancaster. 2012. Vertebral fusion in bats: Phylogenetic patterns and functional relationships. Pp. 500-529 in: Gunnell, G and N.B. Simmons (eds.) Evolutionary History of Bats: Fossils, Molecules and Morphology. Cambridge University Press.

DesRoche, K., M.B. Fenton and W.C. Lancaster. 2007. Echolocation and the thoracic skeletons of bats : A comparative morphological study. Acta Chiropterologica 9: 483-494

Lambertsen, R. H., K.J. Rasmussen, W.C. Lancaster, and R.J. Hintz. 2005. Functional Morphology of the mouth of the bowhead whale and its implications for conservation. Journal of Mammalogy 86: 342-352.

Speakman, J.R., W.C. Lancaster, S. Ward, G. Jones, and K.C. Cole. 2004. Energy cost of echolocation in stationary insectivorous bats. Pp.361-365, in: Thomas, J.A., C.F. Moss & M. Vater (eds.), Echolocation in Bats and Dolphins. University of Chicago Press, Chicago.

Lancaster, Winston C. and J.R. Speakman. 2001. Variations in respiratory muscle activity during echolocation when stationary in three species of bat (Microchiroptera: Vespertilionidae). Journal of Experimental Biology 204: 4185-4197.

Rydell, J., J. Fagerström, S. Anderson, G.G. Stille, M. Gelang, W.C. Lancaster, M.G.E. Svensson and B.S. Tullberg. 2001. Convergence in wing coloration between orange underwing moths (Archiearis sp.) and tortoiseshell butterflies (Aglais sp.). Entomologica Fennica 12: 65-71.

Rydell, Jens and W.C. Lancaster. 2000. Flight and thermoregulation in moths were shaped by predation from bats. Oikos: 88: 13-18.

Fenton, M.B., J. Rydell, M.J. Vonhof, J. Eklöf, and W.C. Lancaster. 1999. Constant frequency and frequency-modulated components in the echolocation calls of three species of small bats (Embalonuridae, Thyropteridae, and Vespertilionidae). Canadian Journal of Zoology: 77: 1891-1900.

Lancaster, Winston C., S.C. Thomson and J.R. Speakman. 1997. Wing temperature in flying bats measured by infrared thermography. Journal of Thermal Biology 22: 109-116.

Lancaster, Winston C. and Elisabeth K.V. Kalko. 1996. Mormoops blainvillii. Mammalian Species 544:1-5.

Lancaster, Winston C. and O.W. Henson, Jr. 1995. Morphology of the abdominal wall in the bat Pteronotus parnellii (Microchiroptera: Mormoopidae): implications for biosonar vocalization. Journal of Morphology 223:99-107.

Lancaster, Winston C., O.W. Henson, Jr. and A.W. Keating. 1995. Respiratory muscle activity in relation to vocalization in flying bats. Journal of Experimental Biology 198:175-191.

Keating, A.W., O.W. Henson, Jr., M.M. Henson, W. C. Lancaster and D.H. Xie. 1994. Doppler-shift compensation by the mustached bat: quantitative data. Journal of Experimental Biology 188:115-129.

Lancaster, Winston C., A.W. Keating and O.W. Henson, Jr. 1992. Ultrasonic vocalizations of flying bats monitored by radiotelemetry. Journal of Experimental Biology 173:43-58.

Lancaster, Winston C. 1990. The middle ear of the Archaeoceti. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 10:117-127.

Lancaster, Winston C. 1986. The Taphonomy of an archaeocete skeleton and its associated fauna, in J.A. Schiebout and W.A. van den Bold (eds.), Montgomery Landing Site, Marine Eocene (Jackson) of Central Louisiana, pp 119-131. Proceedings of the Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Symposium, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Chapter in Textbook

Lancaster, Winston. C. 1997. Systematics, pp. 3-11, in: Altman, R.B., Clubb, S.L., Dorrestein, G. and Quesenberry, K. (eds.) Avian Medicine and Surgery. W.B. Saunders Co. Philadephia.

Recent Published Abstracts

Lancaster, W.C. 2010 Variability in call structure in Pteronotus quadridens (Mormoopidae). Bat Research News 51:170

Lancaster, W.C., D.J. Eichenberger and J.B. Changaris. 2009. Morphology of the Female External Genitalia in the Mormoopidae. Bat Research News 50 (4): 118

Lancaster, W.C., A.L. Russell, Y.M. Leon, M.S. Nuñez, and L.M. Davalos. 2009. Constant Frequency Calls as Determinants of Divergence between Antillean Populations of Pteronotus parnellii (Mormoopidae). Bat Research News 50 (4): 118

Lancaster, W.C. and I. Thomas. 2008. Scaling of Body Size and the Abdominal Wall in Echolocating Bats. Bat Research News 49 (4):139-140

Eichenberger, D.J., S. Datwyler and W.C. Lancaster. 2008. Vertebral Fusion in Bats (Order Chiroptera). Bat Research News 49 (4):118

Lancaster, W.C. 2006. Things that go squeak in the night: Atypical biosonar calls and unusual ultrasonic sounds. Bat Research News 47.

Stockert, B. and W. Lancaster. 2006. Promoting active learning in anatomy labs. Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the California Physical Therapy Association, San Jose, 13-14 October 2006.

Clevenger, W.H. M. Kalcounis-Rüppell and W.C. Lancaster. 2004. The Effect of Post-fire Forest Regeneration on Bat Activity in the Sierra Nevada. Bat Research News 45

Lancaster, W.C., M. B. Fenton, J. Eger and M. Kalcounis-Rüppell. 2004. Rib morphology of bats in relation to the power of biosonar vocalizations. Program & Abstracts of the 84 th Meeting of the American Society of Mammalogists.





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