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Jude M. Antonyappan

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Mariposa 5023

Spring 2016

Tuesdays 3:00 to 5:30 pm & by appointment




(916) 278-7171


Sacramento State
6000 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95819


  1. SWRK 251 Advanced Policy Practice

  2. SWRK 210 Research Methodologies

Sac CT sites for each of these courses can be accessed by students registered  in the respective courses

Prof. Jude M. Antonyappan is an international educator, scholar, and social worker; she obtained her doctorate in social welfare from the University of California, at Berkeley. Recently appointed as California State University, Sacramento’s Global Ambassador to India, she is actively involved in the promotion of international education programs. A Fulbright scholar herself, since 2011, she serves as a reviewer for the U.S.  International Council of Education’s Fulbright faculty applications and has recommended qualified social work faculty as Fulbright Specialists to several areas of the globe. She has served extensively on the university’s committees at various levels to strengthen the academic programs and improve services to the students.

Since 2012, she serves on the Board of Directors of CSUS University Enterprises; and on its Personnel committee, serving the university in its continued successful growth and functioning. She has developed new graduate courses to help students graduate successfully, and she continues to chair the university in its various committees. She has reviewed grant applications, obtained grants, reviewed and published books and articles; and presented at national and international conferences extensively.

During her 17 years and continuing teaching at Sac State, she passionately advocated for student rights, successfully served as mentor and teacher to thousands of professional social work students, particularly to the hundreds of graduate social work scholars who completed their thesis/projects under her loving and rigorous guidance at Sac State. She was selected as the "Most Influential Professor in Student Success" by the graduating class of Graduate Social Work students in 2015. She is a conscious and loving mother of three remarkable children, whom she raised as civic minded citizens into successful adulthood, despite the constraints imposed on her as a first generation immigrant. She credits her success to her faith in Divine Grace; the unquestionable love of her children; and her remarkable students whose success was an inspiration and a constant reminder to her that there is hope, beauty, and joy in the world despite all of its injustices and problems. Working rigorously for five years, she obtained her black belt in Kenpo style of Karate, practices Zhan zuang style of Tai Chi, Ayurvedic style of cooking, loves her dancing, and enjoys playing Chess -thus living the gestalt of integrative intelligence.