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Jude M. Antonyappan

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Mariposa 5023

Fall 2014

Thursdays 12:00 to 3:00 pm & by appointment




(916) 278-7171


Sacramento State
6000 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95819


Fall 2014

  1. SWRK 250 Social Welfare Policies and Services

  2. SWRK 500 Thesis/ Culminating Experience

  3. SWRK 501 Advanced Methods in Evaluating Practice

  1. SWRK 251 Advanced Policy Practice (Sections 2 & 5)

  2. SWRK 502 Advanced Methods in Evaluating Practice

  3. SWRK 500 Thesis/ Culminating Experience

Sac CT sites for each of these courses can be accessed by students registered  in the respective courses

Dr. Antonyappan, Fulbright Scholar, and professional educator, obtained her doctorate in Social Welfare from the University of California at Berkeley in 1996. She is involved in the following research projects: a) Multiculturalism and its implications, national identity and ethnicity, Radicalization of National Identity and Social Capital of the Immigrant Populations; b)  Educational Competencies for Resource Development; c)  Diversity and the Refuge Ethic; d) Integrative Intelligence, Sexual Intelligence  and  Spirituality based  Stress Management Techniques for Self-Actualization. Her study of organizational and human behavior, in the context of  human  convictions and processes to understand how and why certain paradigms are perceived as preferred ways of living, is a concurrent process of her teaching and comprises an integral element of the  scholarship of her teaching. Her extensive teaching and research experience in the United States and abroad is helpful in her focused activities around innovative methods of curriculum development and instruction. She has traveled widely to engage in integrated systems of  study on her areas of research and examine the perspectives of communities and groups of individuals. She is a keen practitioner of Yoga, Tai Chi, Classical dance forms of India, and Ayurvedic healing and cooking. Receiving instruction in the Kenpo form of martial arts, she obtained her black belt in Karate. She is an eager and competent Chess player. Most importantly she is a responsible individual who values ethical leadership and respectful behavior in herself and her peers as integral to the human life systems.