Purpose of Chat: You will have the opportunity to chat in french with one or more of your classmates as you travel back in time. We will be using Yahoo! Messenger (it is FREE!).

Intructions for downloading Yahoo! Messenger. Click on the link to the Yahoo site: http://messenger.yahoo.com

Select "Quick Download." Follow directions for installation. Get a Yahoo! ID. Remember your ID and password. Send your Yahoo! ID to your Instructor by email.

Need Help? Check out Messenger Help http://help.yahoo.com/help/mesg/use

Your Instructor will assign you to both a partner and a group of 3-4 students. S/he will place you in groups as soon as s/he has a list of everyone's current Yahoo! ID. You may chat at a time assigned by the Instructor or determined among yourselves.

Chatting (how to send an instant message): You will add all of your classmates' Yahoo! ID to your "friends list". How? In the Yahoo! Messenger window, click the Add button. A new window called Add a Friend will open. Enter your friend's exact Yahoo! ID (be sure not to put an @yahoo.com at the end) in the first blank area of the new window. Your friend must have a Yahoo! ID in order for you to add them to your list.

Partner work: Double-click on your partner's name to open a dialogue box. Type message and click send. Your partner should click the reply (or press enter) to respond to the message.

Group work: Select Messenger and go to "Start a Conference." One student (the "leader") will select his/her group by highlighting the names and clicking "Add." This student will then select "Invite" to start a conference. The other students in the group should press "join" and start typing.

Students and Yahoo! ID's

Name Yahoo! ID Email Address
Vanessa Arnaud varnaud_2000 Vanessa_Arnaud@flannet.middlebury.edu
Tammy Berberi t_berberi  
Nick Ogawa nicholas_ogawa  
Tina Perry tina_perry19