Richards, D., Kushner D. and W. Avery 1993. Kelp Forest Monitoring Annual Report - Channel Islands National Park (1991 Annual Report) Technical Report NPS/WRUC/NRTR-93/06


This document describes the 1991 progress of the Channel Islands National Park Kelp Forest Monitoring Project. Population dynamics of 68 indicator species of algae, fish, and invertebrates were measured at 16 permanent transect sites in 1991 by divers using SCUBA and surface-supply-air. Survey dives were conducted at sevenother locations for comparisons and general information. In 1991, nine sites had healthy kelp forests. Five others had some kelp growing on or near the transect, but were dominated by sea urchins. White sea urchins were present in moderate to high numbers at four sites with declines at two sites and an increase at one. Juvenile fish recruitment was down in 1991; however, young of year rockfish were numerous at San Miguel Island and juvenile sheephead and garibaldi were common at Santa Barbara and Anacapa Islands. Abalone recruitment modules proved effective at concentrating juveniles of several species. This was a poor recruitment year for abalone. Kelp Forest Monitoring Project divers assisted with California Department of Fish and Game abalone surveys in Mendocino and with surveys of Santa Catalina Island for the Channel Islands Research Project. Data from the Kelp Forest Monitoring Project was used by the California Department of Fish and Game in making recommendations for changes in red abalone management.

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