BIO 184 Lecture Syllabus

BIO 184 Lecture Notes:

Lecture 1-Molecular Structure of DNA and RNA

Lecture 2-Gene Transcription

Lecture 3-Translation of mRNA

Lecture 4-Mutagenesis and Protein Function

Supplement: Diagram of Protein Localization from Essential Genes by Lewin, 2006

Lecture 5-DNA Replication

Lecture 6-Reproduction and Chromosome Transmission

Lecture 7-Variation in Chromosome Structure and Number

Lecture 8-Epigenetic Inheritance

Lecture 9-Medelian Inheritance

Lecture 10-Molecular Basis for Dominance and Recessivity

Lecture 11-Extensions of Mendelian Inheritance

Lecture 12-Linkage and Genetic Mapping in Eukaryotes

Homework Assignments and Keys:

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