Spring  2013                        Spanish 103: Advanced Spanish Grammar


 TR, 3:00-4:15 (Section 1) (Course Call #31120, Eureka 103)

Dr. Edward Baranowski

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Course Materials


1.      (Required) Manual de Gramática (5th ed.), Eleanor Dozier and Zulma Iguina. Thomson-Heinle, 2013.

http://ilrn.heinle.com/ (Book companion website)


Recommended texts: A good dictionary and 501 Spanish Verbs (6th ed.), Christopher Kendris. Barrons: 2007.


Catalog description

Study of the specific components of Spanish grammar with particular emphasis on the Spanish verbal system, the subjunctive, and other problematic aspects of grammar. Will be of particular interest to those planning to teach Spanish as well as to the Spanish-speaking students. Note: SPAN 047 strongly recommended. Prerequisite: SPAN 002B or equivalent. 3 units.

Method of instruction:


This course is conducted entirely in Spanish using the following elements and techniques.



Student Learning Objectives/Outcomes:


Upon successful completion of this course, students will have dramatically reinforced their knowledge of Spanish grammar, including in particular:


In this course students will also become more familiar with grammatical terminology and will be expected to supply a grammatical form when requested (e.g., the present subjunctive of correr).  In order to give students an opportunity to relate meaning to form (i.e., to understand why a particular structure is used in a given context), several writing activities will be assigned throughout the semester.

Course components



Quizzes may be unannounced and will always be given at the beginning of class. Your two lowest quiz scores—including any quizzes missed due to tardiness or absences—will be dropped.


General Class Policies


This class requires your participation and attendance is mandatory. You are allowed to miss TWO classes for the entire semester and need not justify these absences to the instructor. Starting with the third absence, however, you will lose one point from your attendance and participation grade for each day that you miss and your overall grade may be affected. If you are absent two times or less the entire semester, you will receive ten out of ten points. However, if you were absent seven times, you would lose five points off your participation grade and final grade for the course, receiving five of ten points.


For information on the university’s policy regarding academic honesty, go to:




For information concerning plagiarism, go to:




Please be on time! More importantly, please turn off all cell phones, pagers, iPods, laptops and any other electronic devices before entering the classroom. No laptops may be used during class.


Grading scale


The following grading scale will be used for this course:













59 and below=F


Scores are rounded up or down, i.e., 82.5 will be considered an 83, but 82.25 will be an 82. Incorrect use of accent marks will be worth a quarter-point on exams. Note: Exams must be taken when scheduled—there are no make-up exams.


Group Work


Working with other students is an extremely effective means of studying and not everyone in the group needs to be at the same proficiency level.  Get together with other students to practice conversation or to help each other understand the grammar explanations. Make sure, however, that you do not simply copy another student’s work and turn it in as your own.


Students with Disabilities


If you have a disability and require accommodations, you need to provide disability documentation to SSWD, Lassen Hall 1008, (916) 278-6955. Please discuss your accommodation needs with me after class or during my office hours early in the semester.


Important Dates:


Dropping a class:


Last day to drop on My Sac State for all semester classes: Friday, February 8th. (Students must obtain a signed Drop Petition with attached supporting statement and documentation for drops after this date.)


Last day to add/drop at department offices with approved petition signed by instructor and Chair: Friday, February 22nd.


Last day to add/drop at department offices for “serious and compelling reasons”, with approved petition signed by instructor and Chair: Friday, March 8th.


Last day to add/drop at department offices with approved petition signed by instructor, Chair, and Dean: Friday, April 26th. Drops may only be for career-related or medical reasons beyond the control of the student, and student-initiated job changes do not qualify. No petitions will be accepted without written verification of career or medical circumstances.


Adding a class:


Last day to add a class on My Sac State if there is an opening: Friday, February 8th.


Last day to add with an Add Permit for all semester classes: Friday, February 22nd.

(Students must submit an Add Petition, with attached supporting statement and documentation containing “serious and compelling reasons”, and have it signed by the instructor and the department Chair. No adds are permitted after this day except under extreme circumstances as approved by the instructor, the Chair, and the Dean.)


IMPORTANT: If you feel you need to be drilled more extensively in grammar, you may wish to consider meeting with a tutor on a weekly basis in Mariposa Hall. This is a free tutorial service available to students in the Department of Foreign Languages. A list of tutors and available times will be posted in Mariposa 2051 and on the Department of Foreign Languages webpage  by the second week of the semester.  It is the responsibility of the student to seek any extra assistance that is needed for success in this class. http://www.csus.edu/fl/tutors.htm)


Spanish 103 Tentative Course Calendar




Material and pages to be read BEFORE class. The corresponding exercises can be done at your discretion.

Week 1



Introduction/Syllabification and Stress. Chap. 9, p.344-354, Ex. 9.19-9.42


Syllabification and Stress (Cont.)

Week 2



The Simple Present vs. the Present Progressive, Chap. 5, p.147-154; Chap. 6, p. 177-179; 194. Ex. 5.1-5.8, 6.1


The Simple Present vs. the Present Progressive (Cont.)

Week 3



Preterite and Imperfect, Chap. 5, p.154-157; Chap.6, p. 179-188. Ex. 5.10-5.12, 5.14-5.17, 6.4-6.6, 6.8-6.12


Preterite and Imperfect (Cont.)

Week 4



Past participle and compound tenses, Chap.5, p.158; Chap. 6, p. 189-193. Ex. 5.61-5.63, 6.13-6.17


Exam 1

Week 5



Indicative-Subjunctive (Present) Chap. 1, p.6-12; Chap. 5, p.162-165. Ex. 1.6-1.10, 5.29-5.34. Indicative-Subjunctive (Nominal Clauses) Chap. 6, p.203-213. Ex. 6.32-6.35


Indicative-Subjunctive (Nominal Clauses) (Cont.)

Week 6



Indicative-Subjunctive (Adjectival Clauses) Chap. 6, p.213-214. Ex. 6.41


Indicative-Subjunctive (Adverbial Clauses) Chap. 6, p.215-218. Ex. 6.43-6.44

Week 7



Indicative-Subjunctive (Adverbial Clauses)(Cont.) Indicative-Subjunctive (Past) Chap.5, p.165-166. Ex. 5.35-5.36


Indicative-Subjunctive (Past)  (Cont.)

Week 8





Exam 2: Indicative-Subjunctive

Week 9



Future and Conditional, Chap. 5, p.159-161. Chap. 6, p.199-203, 228-231. Ex. 5.21-5.22, 5.24-5.27, 6.55, 6.58


Sequence of Tenses, Chap. 6, p.219-228. Ex. 6.46-6.49

Week 10



Ser/estar/haber/hacer/tener, Chap. 7, p.259-278. Ex. 7.1-7.10, 7.12-7.16, 7.18, 7.19


Ser/estar/haber/hacer/tener (Cont.)

Week 11



Exam 3


Nouns, Chap. 2, p.28-34. Ex. 2.2-2.8

Week 12



Adjectives, Chap. 2, p.34-42. Ex. 2.14-2.21


Comparisons, Chap. 2, p.43-47. Ex. 2.22-2.24. Pronouns, Chap. 3, p.49-67

Week 13



Pronouns (Cont.) Ex. 3.2-3.19


Pronouns (Cont.); Reflexive Pronouns, p.68-74, 245-252. Ex. 3.20-3.27

Week 14



Reflexive Pronouns (Cont.); More pronouns, p.74-91. Ex. 3.28-3.43


Relative Pronouns, p.92-98  Ex. 3.44-3.47. Prepositions, Chap. 4, p.99-120. Ex. 4.2-4.21.

Week 15



Articles, Chap. 2, p. 28-34. Ex. 2.9-2.15. Hojas de repaso


Hojas de repaso


Final Exam: Tuesday, May 21st, 3-5PM

Spanish 103 Student Data Sheet (Please fill out and bring to class on first day.)





E-mail: ______________________________


Phone: ______________________________


Major: ______________________________


Year in school: _______________________


Can you make office hours? _____________


Please list in order all Spanish classes you have taken at the high school and collegiate levels, when and where you took them, and for how long.


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What extra-curricular activities will you be involved in this semester?







Have you traveled to any Spanish-speaking countries? Which ones? If you are a native speaker, where were you born and where did you grow up?






Do you have any special concerns?