Lecture resources:

Powers of 10

Oxygen and past climate

Evolution at UC Berkeley

PBS Evolution Project

Speciation: Ring Species

Hardy-Weinberg principle

Geologic timescale

Soils and soil orders

Pacific coast tide pools (zonation)

Deep sea vents

Wolfs and moose of Island Royale

Whale migration - Big Sur

Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society

Florida Panthers

Age pyramids of the world

Population pyramid


Lab resources:

Microsoft Excel help

Ecology citation format

Biomes (Blue Planet)

Biomes (UC Berkeley)

Insect ID guide

Insect Compendium

Using a Vernier caliper (text/pictures) (video)

Natural Connections video website

Population age pyramids

Ozone hole

Ecological issues

Ecological reviews

CNPS native plant lists

Mather Field Vernal Pools


Climate change & oceans (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institutiion)

Evidence for climate change (Woods Hole Research Center)