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Christina M. Bellon


The following list of topics is not intended to be exhaustive of those we are seeking under the heading 'Feminist Philosophy'. If you would like to write an artcile on a feminist topic, or feminist related topic, not on this list, please feel encouraged to contact me with your idea, email me here.

If you have an idea for a topic outside of feminist philosophy, or which may overlap significantly with another area, please first refer to the Encyclopaedia to see if it has not already been written, and feel encouraged to contact me or contact the appropriate area editor. To go to the Encyclopaedia, link here.

Articles Sought

  • Astell, Mary
  • de Gouge, Marie Olympe
  • EcoFeminism
  • Feminism and Family
  • Feminism and Literary Theory
  • Feminism and Motherhood
  • Feminism and Multiculturalism
  • Feminism and Philosophy of Religion
  • Feminism and Sexuality
  • Feminist Communitarian Ethics
  • Feminist Critical Theory
  • Feminist Dialogic Ethics
  • Feminist Empiricism
  • Feminist Issues in Hist of Phil -- 18/19th Century
  • Feminist Issues in Hist of Phil -- Ancient
  • Feminist Issues in Human Nature
  • Feminist Issues in Impartiality
  • Feminist Issues in Logic
  • Feminist Issues in Objectivity
  • Feminist Issues in Practical Reasoning
  • Feminist Issues in Subjectivity
  • Feminist Metaphysics -- Overview
  • Feminist Methdology
  • Feminist Ontology
  • Feminist Pragmatism
  • Gender
  • Globalization (general, but including feminist aspects)
  • Hypatia
  • Latina Feminism
  • Lesbian Ethics
  • Moral Emotions (general but including feminist aspects)
  • Moral Psychology (general, but including feminist aspects)
  • Naturalized Feminism
  • Okin, Susan Moller
  • Poststructuralist Feminism
  • Radical Feminism
  • Rawls and Feminism
  • Taylor, Harriette
  • Wollstonecraft, Mary

Area Referees Sought
If you would like to volunteer as a referee for articles in feminist philosophy, please email me here.

Articles in Progress/Under Review

  • Arendt, Hannah
  • Autnonomy (comprehensive, w/ Feminist aspects.)
  • Care Ethics
  • Feminism -- Third Wave
  • Feminism and Argumentation
  • Feminism and Deconstruction
  • Feminism and Disability
  • Feminism and Freedom
  • Feminism and Human Rights
  • Feminism and Race
  • Feminism and Violence
  • Feminist Aesthetics
  • Feminist Bioethics
  • Feminist Ethics -- Narrative
  • Feminist Ethics -- Overview
  • Feminist Existentialism
  • Feminist Issues in Hist of Phil -- Early Modern
  • Feminist Neuroethics
  • Feminist Pedagogy
  • Feminist Phenomenology -- Overview
  • Feminist Philosophy -- Overview
  • Feminist Philosophy of Language
  • Feminist Philosophy of Science
  • Feminist Political Philosophy
  • Feminist Standpoint Theory
  • Feminist Virtue Ethics
  • Habermas and Feminism
  • Le Doeuff, Michele
  • Merleau-Ponty and Feminism
  • Social Contract Theory -- Feminist Criticisms
  • Surrogate Parenting
  • Young, Iris Marion
  • Veil, Simone

Articles Completed and Posted

  • Feminist Epistemology (Marianne Janack)
  • Feminist Jurisprudence (Melissa Burchard)
  • Foucault and Feminism (Aurelia Armstrong)
  • de Beauvoir, Simone (Shannon Mussett)
  • Irigaray, Luce (Sarah K. Donovan)
  • Addams, Jane (Maurice Hamington)
  • Mill, John Stuart


Last updated: 10 August, 2008