EDS 250:
Educational Research


Lecture Handouts

Week 1: Syllabus (pdf file); Course Introduction and Overview (pdf file); Classification of Research by Type (Word Doc); Classification of Group Comparison Research (Word doc)
Week 2: Selecting and Defining a Research Topic (pdf file);
Week 3: Alternative Learning Activity (for students who do not attend the NASP convention)
Week 4: Preliminary Research Design Considerations (pdf file);Sample Literature Review: ADHD and Reading Comprehension (pdf file); Research Interest to Research Hypothesis (MS Word doc)
Week 5: Sampling a Population (pdf file); The Importance of Random Sampling (pdf file); Sample Size Calculator (web page)
Week 6: Gathering Research Data (pdf file); Researcher Developed Measures, AD/HD and Reading Comprehension (pdf file), and Infant Smiling (pdf file)
Week 7: Descriptive Research (pdf file);Sample Cover Letter (pdf file)
Week 8: Correlational Research (pdf file)
Week 9: Causal Comparative and Single Subject Research (pdf file); Single Subject (A-B-A-B) Sample Data Set with graph (pdf file)
Week 10: Experimental Research (pdf file)
Week 11: Descriptive Statistics (pdf file); Descriptive Statistics and Psychological Testing (pdf file)
Week 12: Inferential Statistics (pdf file)
Week 13: Qualitative Research: Data Gathering & Analysis (pdf file)
Week 14: Qualitative Research: Narrative and Ethnographic Research (pdf file)
Week 15: Writing and Evaluating Research (pdf file)

Other Course Materials

Thesis/Project Guidance

M.A./M.S. Thesis and Project Advisement Guide

GPSE Human Subject Committee Form

Human Subjects Committee Request for Review form (Word Document)

University Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects

EDS students use these forms only when directed to do so by their thesis or project advisor and after review by the Department's Human Subjects Committee. Click here to go to the CPHS web page.

2013/2014 CPHS meeting schedule
Frequently Asked Questions About Human Subjects Research
Policies and Procedures of the Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects (pdf file)
CPHS Submission Forms (Web link)
CITI Research Ethics Education Program (Web link)

Other Documents of Interest to the Educational Researcher

Advancing Scientific Research in Education (web page)
Identifying and Implementing Educational Practices Supported by Rigorous Evidence: A User Friendly Guide (pdf file)