EDS 240:
Functional Assessment of Behavior


Class Meeting Handouts

Week 1: Syllabus (PDF file), Introduction to Behaviorism (PDF file), IDEA 2004 FBA Fact Sheet
Week 2: Key Terms (PDF file), BIP flowchart (PDF file)
Week 3: FBA Overview and Target Selection/Record Review (PDF file), Writing Behavioral Definitions Worksheet (Word doc)
Week 4: FBA Behavior Rating Scales and Interview (PDF file), Assessing Establishing Operations (Cummings et al., Word doc), Functional Assessment Interview form (PDF file)
Week 5: FBA Observation and Hypothesis Testing/FAA (PDF file), Case Study Data (Word doc), Functional Assessment Observation Form (Word doc)
Week 6: FBA Report Writing and case Staffings (PDF file), FBA/FAA report template (Word doc), FBA case staffing notes template (Word doc), General Notes on the Report (PDF file), FBA Grading Sheet (PDF file)
Week 7: BIP Overview (PDF file), Developing BIPS (Word doc)
Week 8: BIP for Children with ADHD & Increasing On-Task Behavior (PDF file)
Week 9: Behavior Support Plans & Schoolwide Positive Behavioral Supports (PDF file), LACOE BSP (PDF file)
Week 10: Behavior Emergencies (PDF file) BIP Report Writing (PDF file), BIP report template (Word doc), BIP case conference notes template (Word doc), Grading Sheet (PDF file)
Week 11: Standard Mean Difference (xlsx); BIP case consultations
Week 12: Review session
Week 13 : No class meeting. Alternative learning activity = Fieldwork
Week 14 Manifestation Determinations (PDF file)
Week 15: Legal and Ethical Issues (PDF file); AB 86 (repeal of the Hughes Bill, starting with paragraph 21, PDF file); Federal IDEA FBA Fact Sheet (PDF file
Week 16: BIP evaluation data due to brock@csus.edu

Assessment Tools

Target Behavior Selection Worksheet (PDF file)
Record Review Worksheet (PDF file)
Behavior Contingency by Activity (PDF file)
Behavior Contingency by Time (PDF file)
Interval Time Sampling Observation Form (PDF file)
Behavior Rate Tabulation Chart (PDF file)
Anecdotal Behavioral Observation Form (PDF file)
Establishing Operations Checklist (PDF file)
Establishing Operations Interview (PDF file)
Establishing Operations Testing Form (PDF file)
Functional Assessment Interview Form (PDF file)

Report Templates/Evaluation Forms

FBA/FAA Report (Word Document)
FBA Report Evaluation form (PDF file)

BIP Report (Word Document)
BIP Evaluation form (PDF file)
BIP Follow-up Evaluation form (PDF file)
Behavioral Recommendations for the Student with Autism (Word doc.)

Other Helpful Resources

Utah State Office of Education: Least Restrictive Behavior Interventions (Web page with links)
Behavior Observation Forms (Web page with forms for use when working with students with autism)
Intervention Central (a web page with a variety of intervention resources)
PENT: Positive Environments, Network of Trainers (Web page with links)
PBIS: Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (Web page from the OSEP TA Center)
Florida's Positive Behavior Support Project: A Multi-Tiered Support System (Web page with links)