EDS 247:
Assessment of Special Needs


Class Meeting Handouts

Week 1: A. Echandia: 2013 Course Syllabus (PDF file),

Week 2: A. Echandia:
Culture Assignment (PDF file)

Week 3: A. Echandia:

Week 4: A. Echandia:

Week 5: A. Echandia:

Week 6: D. Hustad:
(PDF file)

Week 7: D. Hustad:
(PDF file)

Week 8: D. Hustad:
(PDF file)

Week 9: D. Hustad:
(PDF file)

Week 10: D. Hustad:

Week 11: S. Brock:
Ethical and Legal Issues Lecture (PDF file); California Low Incidence Rules and Regulations (PDF file); Deaf Children's Bill of Rights (PDF file); Educating Blind and Visually Impaired Students (PDF file); IEP Guidelines (PDF file); IEP Checklist (PDF file); Test Security (PDF file); Protocol Release form (PDF file)

Week 12: S. Brock:
Austism: Case Finding and Screening
(PDF file)

Week 13: S. Brock:
Autism: Diagnosis and Psycho-educational Evaluation
(PDF file); Health, Family, Developmental, and Behavioral History Interview Form (PDF file), Student Autism Handout (doc file); Student Autism Presentation Six Slides (PDF file); Student Autism Presentation (PDF file)

Week 14: S. Brock:
Hearing Impairments
(PDF file), Student Hearing Presentation (PDF file), Vision Impairments (PDF file), Student Vision Presentation (2012.ppt file), Student Hearing Handout (2012, docs)

Week 15: S. Brock:
Severe Physical Handicaps (PDF file), Student Physically Handicapped Presentation (PDF file), Student Physically Handicapped Presentation (2011, PDF file), Student Physically Handicapped PowerPoint (2011, ppt file), Exam Study Guide

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