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   Diane Carlson

  Professor of Geology
  Tel. (916)-278-6382
  email: carlsondh@csus.edu

  A.A., Nicolet College, 1975
  B.S. Geology, University Wisconsin, Eau Claire, 1978
  M.S. Geology, University of Minnesota, Duluth, 1981
  Ph.D. Geology, Washington State University, 1984
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Teaching and Research Interests

Kinematic analysis of high strain zones
Structural analysis of the Shoo Fly Complex
Analysis of structurally-controlled rock failures

Courses I Teach

Structural Geology & Tectonics (GEOL 110A)
Structural Field Mapping (GEOL 110B)
Field Geology (GEOL 111A)
Field Techniques (GEOL 111B)
Graduate Seminar in California Tectonics (GEOL 230)
Physical Geology (GEOL 10)

Recent Books & Publications

Plummer C.C., McGeary, D., and Carlson D.H., 2005, Physical Geology, 10th edition, McGraw-Hill.

Plummer C.C., McGeary, D., Carlson D.H., Eyles, C. and Eyles, N., 2004, Physical
Geology and the Environment
, 1st edition, McGraw-Hill Ryerson, 574 p.

McGeary, D., Plummer C.C., and Carlson D.H., 2003, Earth Revealed, 5th edition, McGraw-Hill, 578 p.

Carlson, D. H., Wilson, P., and Heizler, M., 1997, Structural analysis and preliminary Ar/Ar dating results from the Shoo Fly Complex along the Middle Fork of the American River, Abst., Geol. Soc. America Annual Meeting.

Rodgers, T., Carlson, D., and Dailey, S., 1997, Slope stability of the Silver Fire Landslide, U. S. Highway 50 Corridor, El Dorado County, California; Abst., Assoc. of Engineering Geologists National Meeting.

Gallion, D., Carlson, D., Cole, K., 1995, Analysis of the Parks Bar Landslide- A structurally controlled rock failure along California State Route 20; Abst., Assoc. of Engineering Geologists National Meeting.



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