Anthropology of Food

 EOP Cultural Anthropology Class Project, Fall 2005


Amela Alijagic,

Britainie Ault,

Anthony Black,

Justin Espanol,

Lee Fang,

Denon Foster,

Courtney Franklin,

Amanda Gedda,

Jasmine Griffith,

Larry Johnson,

Nee Lee,

Michael Major,

Jasmine Miller,

Diana Naranjo,

Antonio Navarro,

Edward Roa,

Guadalupe Salazar,

Mai Kou Vang.


Dr. Castaneda

Teaching Assistant:

Amy Fransen

EOP Learning Communities Coordinator:

Dr. Marcellene Watson-Derbigny





Foods from Around the World

(Not for the Weak of Stomach)








The Students' Multicultural Thanksgiving Menus (2005)


Shanghai's Xiang Yang Marketplace  

These vendors occupy one corner of a huge outdoor market also known as the "knock-off" market. When I took this photo in June 2006, the government was weeks away from permanently shutting down Xiang Yang market, since fashion houses like Cartier and Gucci have begun to embrace China's new economy and they are rapidly making both their physical presence and legal trademark protections known.