Thesis Chair:

CARRIE COHEN, M.A. (Spring 2016): The Social Patina of the Beardsley Collection: A Museum Ethnography, B.A., Anthropology (2010) CSUS.

BRITTANY M. CHILTON, M.A. (Spring 2015): Negotiating and Defining Home in the Assisted Living Context: An Examination of Place-Making, Subjectivity and Personhood, B.A., Anthropology (2010), Humboldt State University.

VALERIE M. GARCIA, M.A. (Fall 2014): Conducting Ethnographic Research in the Archives: Mapping the Activist and Artistic Subjectivities of Frank LaPena, B.A., Anthropology (2010), UC Irvine.

HOLLY LAMB, M.A. (Fall 2012): Collecting at the Margins of Professional Anthropology: The Native American Basket Collection of Anthony G. Zallio, B.A., Anthropology (2008), CSUS.

MELODI MCADAMS, M.A. (Fall 2012): Complementary and Competitive Dialogues: Diabetes and Identity in Native American Communities, B.A., Anthropology (2005), UC, Berkeley.

CHANDRA ENGSTROM MIRANDA, M.A. (Summer 2012): Making Their Voices Heard: the Collaborative Design Process of the California State Indian Museum Audio Tour. B.A., Anthropology (2007), University of Connecticut.

MEGHAN H. FARLEY WEBB, M.A. (Spring 2008): Many Words Walk in the World": A Discursive Analysis of the Zapatista Revolution (1st PLACE: Student Research Competition, Southwestern Anthropological Association, 2006: 'Armed with Truth & Fire': Discursive Formulations of Indigenous Resistance in Chiapas).B.A. Anthropology & Spanish (2004), Centre College, Danville, KY.

PATRICIA JOHNSTON, M.A. (Summer 2004): From Ethnographic Methods to Needs Assessment Data:  Informing Sacramento Urban Indian Health Project, Inc. (1st PLACE: Behavioral & Social Sciences Graduate Division, 18th Annual CSU Statewide Student Research Competition, Northridge, CA., April 2004.), B.S. (Health Science), CSU Northridge; PHN (Public Health Nurse Credential), UCSF;  R.N., Barnes Hospital School of Nursing, St. Louis, MO.

SUSAN POWERS, M.A. (Summer 2004): Conservation and Development Dichotomies in a Cotswolds Village, B.A (Anthropology & Art), CSUS.

McNair Scholars

Ashlyn Ku'uleialoha Weaver, 2015-2016 McNair Cohort: Euro-American Settler Perspectives on California Native Hawaiians (1830s-1920s), McNair Scholars Journal, Vol. 16, Sacramento: California State University.

Carina Vega, B.A. Anthropology (Spring 2013); 2011-2012 McNair Cohort: Beyond the Slots: Exploring Cultural Narratives within California Indian Casinos, McNair Scholars Journal, Vol. 13, Sacramento: California State University.