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Working Papers

Raising the Poor with an Ivory Tower: Higher Education as Economic Development

Wherefore Art Thou: Emerging Characteristics in California's Hispanic Out-Migration

WV Spillover CGE Paper

Local Effects of Federal Fiscal Reform

Funded Research

2007 Manufacturing Firm Location Decisions in California, with Robert Wassmer & Walter Schwarm. CSU Faculty Research Fellows Program ($12,000).

Published Papers (Reviewed)

2012 Stemming Retail Leakage with a Sense of Community: Leveraging the Links between Communal Ties adn Shopping Decisions. Chalmers, Katherine, Mary Gessner, Linda Venturoni, and Stephan Weiler. The Social Science Journal.

2011 Sorting Winners and Losers: Using CGE Models to Assess Income Distribution Effects of Economic Development Choices Regional Science Policy and Practice 3, 1-15.

2004 Brave New World: How the 'New Economy' Could Change the Face of Economic Base Analysis. Chalmers, Katherine, Elaine Worzala, and Eric Holsapple. Property Management, 22(1).

2003 Understanding the Retail Business Potential of Inner Cities Weiler, Stephan, J. Silverstein, Kace Chalmers, E. Lacey, W. Rogers, and B. Widner. Journal of Economic Issues, 37(4), 1075-1106.

Published Papers (Unreviewed)

2000 Developing State and Area Long-Term Projections written on behalf of the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment by CRCE (Center for Research on the Colorado Economy, Co-Chairs, Dr. Harvey Cutler, Dr. Stephan Weiler), as part of ALMIS (America’s Labor Market Information System, Long-Term Industry Projections and Census Tools Consortium).

Thesis and Dissertation

2004 “Public Interest Versus Public Choice:  A Welfare Approach Using CGE Analysis.”  submitted in fulfillment of requirements for Doctor in Philosophy at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO

1999 "Dependency Theory and its Central American Implications."  submitted in fulfillment of requirements for Master of Arts at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO

1996 "Is Free Trade Mutually Beneficial?"  submitted in fulfillment of requirements for undergraduate Honors Thesis at Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX