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History 51: World Civilizations, 1600 - present (web only course)

Catalog Description: A survey of the development of the major civilizations of the world from 1600 to the present. Stresses the dynamism and expansion of the West, the interpenetration of cultures in the modern era, and the resurgence of non-western independence in the 20th century.

Prerequisite and requirements: None.

Number of Units: 3.

GE Category: C2 (Humanities).

This class is 100% online with no class meetings or in-class examinations. World history in modern times is the story of worldwide attempts to respond, through resistance and accommodation, to the challenges of a new global civilization. Amid the energies of intellectual revolution, nation-state building, and industrialization emerged a Europe that took over the world in the nineteenth century but almost destroyed itself in the twentieth. European institutions and ideas became so influential that “modern” and “Western” became synonymous as Europeans and European culture swept the globe. Yet the modern culture of the West ceased to be exclusively European as people around the world engaged it, and the creation of this first global international culture was as difficult for Europeans as it was for people in East Asia, America, Africa, and the Islamic world. The cultural conflict, economic transformation, and political strife that came with this process of globalization continue to this day.

For more information, please view the syllabus for Summer 2015 (pdf format).

Last updated: 05/26/2015