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Spring 2005

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EDS 202

Seminar in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities - was developed in response to a substantial expression of student interest in additional coursework in neurodevelopmental disabilities. Student feedback on this new course was overwhelmingly positive. We will again offer this elective course in spring 2005. Please check the online schedule for the most current schedule information. You may also want to consult with your Level I, Level II, or Graduate Degree advisor to determine if this class may be appropriate as an elective course in your program of study.

In spring 2005 EDS 202 will be held on Monday afternoons at 4:00 PM. The first class meeting is on campus at CSUS - Yosemite Hall 141. Continuing graduate students may register for this course during the regular CASPER process. Enrollment in this course is also available through the College of Continuing Education. For further information about enrollment for this unique course through Continuing Education, please contact Nicole Baptista at 278-6007 or by email at

In spring 2004 we offered EDS 202, Seminar in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities, at Shriners Hospital for Children of Northern California. As a graduate elective course, this unique class offers an extraordinary set of learning opportunities for students working on Level II credential requirements. This course is also open as an elective course for graduate students in special education, rehabilitation, school psychology, nursing, speech/language pathology, psychology, & other allied health fields.

In spring 2005, EDS 202 will be taught for half of the semester at the MIND Institute and for half of the semester at Shriners Hospital for Children of Northern California . The first class meeting will be on campus at CSUS on Monday, January 24 at 4PM in Yosemite Hall 141.

Summer Travels - 2004

After a long semester with a very heavy teaching load, this past summer was filled with travel to wonderful and exotic Asian destinations. In early July, I attended the Rain Forest World Music Festival in Kuching, Malaysian Borneo. Following the music festival I joined several friends for an extraordinary journey to an Iban longhouse, Rumah Garie, deep in the jungle interior. This settlement is pretty rural - the last visitors to the longhouse stopped by last November! We stayed for several days and had a wonderful time visiting with the Ibans living in this 31 door longhouse.

In late July, I was keynote speaker at a national special education conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This was an exciting conference and provided me with new insights on how families experience the role of parenting children with disabilities in a developing nation.

In August, I started teaching a course in early intervention at Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences in Bangalore, India. The students are a wonderfully talented group of occupational therapists, physical therapists, and a speech language pathologist. The class in India will continue through the fall semester via distance learning, utilizing WebCT and video technology.

The summer also held time for plenty of rest, relaxation, exploration, great foods, old friends, and new acquaintances. Click here for a sample of the photos from my summer travels...enjoy!

EDS 216

The ongoing support of the administrative leaders at Shriners (Ms. Margaret Bryan & Mr. John Boyd) also provides an opportunity for students to hear from some of the many talented and dedicated Shriners Hospital personnel as a part of EDS 216, a required course in the special education credential programs.

Every fall and spring semester, students in EDS 216 A/B visit Shriners to learn about clinical and rehabilitative services from key medical, clinical, and administrative personnel at the hospital. Student feedback has been very positive and we look forward to a continuing partnership between our department and Shriners Hospital. For more information about Shriners Hospital for Children of Northern California, visit their website.


Several CSUS faculty members from special education visited special education programs in Havana, Cuba in October, 2003. Paula Gardner, Rachael Gonzales, and I had the privilege of visiting a new program for children with autism spectrum disorders and several community-based programs in Havana and Regla.

We also had the opportunity to visit the museum honoring the Cuban Literacy Campaign, the Museum of the Revolution, the new Cuban National Museum of Art, and the Hemingway Museum. The energy of the Cuban people is extraordinary and we all felt warmly welcomed into many elements of life in Cuba.

Malaysia in January 2004

During the break between semesters, I had the opportunity to return to Malaysia. My colleague and good friend, Zulkifli, arranged for housing and office space for me at Universiti Malaya so I had a home-base while in the country. Christmas Day was a blur of activities with Sandiayo Sebestian and family (Clara, Jason, & Nicole)...we visited family all over the Kuala Lumpur area - it was great to see so many family members again. We also took a drive down to Melaka and wandered through Jonker Street and surrounding streets. News Year Eve was spent with friends Ramsay Ong and James Ng in KL and then it was time for a week in Kuching, Malaysian Borneo.

There were many wonderful and exciting events during my weeks in Malaysia. One of the most unique functions was the opening of an exhibition of paintings by a very talented new painter, Leow Aik Boon. The opening was hosted by Ramsay Ong held at Artrageously Ramsay Ong, The Art Gallery in Kuala Lumpur. Boon donated 25 pieces of his work as a benefit to support the Malaysian AIDS Foundation and Datin Paduka Marina Mahitir, Chairman of the Foundation, was the guest of honor. Over two hundred people were in attendance and a majority of the pieces sold before the end of the opening event. It was a most exciting event for me - I was honored with the role of emcee for the event.


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Spring 2005 Classes

Papers & Presentations

Daley, S.E. (2004). Building Effective Partnerships in Special Education Programmes in Malaysia. Paper and Keynote Speaker at the National Forum for Special Needs Families 2004. Universiti Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, July, 2004.

Cook, R.E., Klein, M.D., Tessier, A., & Daley, S.E. (2004). Adapting early childhood curricula for children in inclusive settings (6th ed). Columbus, OH: Pearson - Merrill-Prentice Hall Publishing Company.

Hanline, M.F. & Daley, S. (2002). "Mom, will Kaelie always have possibilities?" The realities of early childhood inclusion. Kappan, 84 (1), 73-76.

Panel Moderator at 2nd UC Davis/CSU Sacramento Summer Institute on Autism: Advocacy: The Process, Problems, & Promises. (with Susan Coutchie, Patricia Spears Lee, Michael Rosenberg, & Beth Goodlin-Jones) Sacramento, CA (August, 2002)

Daley, S.E. (2002). Without a leg to stand on: The unraveling of a teaching specialty in special education. Physical Disabilities: Education and Related Services, 20 (2), 1-8.

Daley, S.E., & Ballard-Rosa, M. (2001). What do I need to know about including a young child with autism in my kindergarten class? Kindergarten Education: Theory, Research, and Practice, 6(3), 93-103.

Blending ECE & ECSE Certification and Personnel Preparation in a Rural State. DEC Annual Conference on Young Children with Special Needs and Their Families, Boston, MA, December, 2001. (with Mary Jones, Melinda Lindsey, & Judy French)

Daley, S.E. Politics as a Cause of Physical Disabilities. DPHD Newsletter (2001, Spring/Summer), 2,5.

Daley, S.E. Defining the Professional Organization in the 21st Century: Where to go from here? DPHD Newsletter (2001, Spring/Summer), 4-5.

Presentation at 1st UC Davis/CSU Sacramento Summer Institute on Autism: Educational Issues for Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. (with Maurine Ballard-Rosa) Sacramento, CA (August, 2001)

Panel Moderator at 1st UC Davis/CSU Sacramento Summer Institute on Autism: Embedding Objectives into Classroom Activities. (with Sam Odom, Maurine Ballard-Rosa, Diane Osake, & Sarah Sharfenaker) Sacramento, CA (August, 2001)

Ongoing and Recent Projects

Shriners Hospital for Children of Northern California
A CSUS/Shriners collaborative project to enhance the curriculum in special education as an avenue to inform teachers-in-training about neurodevelopmental disabilities.

School Inclusion Project
Collaborative Project to enhance the full inclusion of young children with autism in regular education classrooms in local schools.

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Past President, Division for Physical & Health Disabilities, Council for Exceptional Children

Member, Council for Exceptional Children

  • Division for Early Childhood Education
  • Division for Physical & Health Disabilities
  • Division for International Special Education

California State University, Sacramento
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