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Shannon L. Datwyler

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Contact Information

Title: Assistant Professor
Spring 2009 Office

Monday 11:00 am-12:00 pm; Tuesday 9:00 am-11:00 am, or by appointment. Please email for appointments

E-mail: datwyler@csus.edu
(916) 278-7276

California State University, Sacramento
6000 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95819-6077

Spring 2009 Courses

  • Bio 1 (see SacCT for all course materials)
  • Bio 294A: Seminar in Botany focusing in Phylogenetics

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Papers and Publications

Wolfe, A. D., C. P. Randle, S. L. Datwyler, J. J. Morawetz, N. Arguedas and J. Diaz.  2006.  Phylogeny, taxonomic affinities, and biogeography of Penstemon (Plantaginaceae) based on ITS and cpDNA sequence data.  American Journal of Botany.  93 (11):  1699-1713.

    Datwyler, S. L. and G. D. Weiblen. 2006. Genetic variation in hemp and marijuana (Cannabis sativa L.) indicated by amplified fragment length polymorphisms.  Journal of Forensic Science 51 (2):  371-375.
    Zerega, N. J. C., W. L. Clement, S. L. Datwyler, and G. D. Weiblen. 2005.  Biogeography and divergence times in the mulberry family based on chloroplast and nuclear DNA sequences.  Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 37:  402-416.
    Datwyler, S. L. & G. D. Weiblen. 2004. On the origin of the fig: phylogenetic relationships of Moraceae based on ndhF sequences. American Journal of Botany (91)5: 767-777.
    Datwyler, S. L. & A. D. Wolfe.  2004. Phylogenetic and biogeographic relationships of Penstemon subg. Dasanthera. Systematic Botany 29(1): 165-176.
    Wolfe, A. D., S. L. Datwyler and C. P. Randle. 2002.  Evolutionary biogeographic relationships among tribe Cheloneae (Scrophulariaceae). Systematic Botany 27(1): 138-148.
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Research Projects/Interests

  • Genetic diversity and breeding system evolution in hemp (Cannabis sativa L.)
  • Inflorescence evolution in the mulberry family, Moraceae
  • Systematics and hybridization in Penstemon
  • The flora of western North America
  • SCAP 2007: Pollination Biology of Penstemon azureus

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Professional Associations

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Last updated: 02/06/2009