(Provide 3) Give three improvements that DESI offers over other older MS sampling techniques.



No sample preparation required

Sample manipulation possible

Universal MS (S/L/G)

In-vivo sampling



(Open-ended Discussion Question) What are some benefits with having a portable fieldable MS compared to current stationary lab Mass Spetrometers?

1. The sample can be analyzed in it's native state which can eliminate the possibility of environmental contamination. (Thereby improving forensic evidence)

2. Makes the application more available to other fields of research, thereby increasing the amount of overall scientific studies possible with the new methodlogy.

3. Allows for the analysis of living systems (In-vivo analysis).



(Matching Problem) You have a complex biological sample ready for MS analysis. For the following types of sample introduction, what preparation steps would you take:

1. ESI - Homogenization and Extraction

2. CI - Make the sample volatile

3. MALDI - Place solid sample with perpared matrix

4. DESI - No Preparation is required