CHEM 230 Additional Resources

Fall, 2014


Sources of information on chromatography outside of the class notes and handouts


Harris, 2010, Quantitative Chemical Analysis, 8th Edition general background on separations with some simple extraction methods, with good descriptions of chromatography theory, and with basic descriptions of chromatographic equipment.

Skoog et al., 2007, Principles of Instrumental Analysis, 6th Edition fairly Comprehensive chapters on chromatography (including theory) and capillary electrophoresis; little information on simple extraction methods

McNair and Miller, 1998, Basic gas chromatography - book on gas chromatography.

Snyder et al., 1997, Practical HPLC Method Development, 2nd Ed. A good book on HPLC.


Journals that should be useful for getting information for the class:

Separation Science Specific Journals:

Biomedical Chromatography (Wiley)

Journal of Chromatography A and B (B is biological applications)

LC/GC magazine (available at CSUS library)


Journal of Separation Science


General analytical chemistry journals

Analytical Biochemistry

Analytical Chemistry

Analytica Chimica Acta



Other Resources:

Analytical Sciences Digital Library ( (this has a number of educational products describing analytical methodologies and applications)


Ways to do literature searches:

1) SciFinder (

2) Google Scholar (

3) Elsevier Search Science Direct (


Data Resources

Determination of Kow values:

Solvent Miscibility Table: