Material and Useful Reading:
Materials describing instrument operation and laboratory procedures will be handed out as needed (or hopefully a little before needed).
Books recommended for consultation:
General Books:
1.  Chromatography, Concepts and Contrasts, 2nd Edition (J. M. Miller, 2005). You should have this book from Chem 230.  I will try to reference material from lectures to this book.
2.  Principles of Instrumental Analysis, 6th Edition (Skoog et al., 2007).
3.  Quantitative Chemical Analysis, 8th Edition (Harris, 2010)
HPLC book:
Practical HPLC Method Development, 2nd Ed. (Snyder et al., 1997)
GC book:
Basic Gas Chromatography, 2nd Ed. (McNair and Miller, 2009)
American Laboratory (free journal/magazine focused on new commercial instruments and applications)
Analytical Chemistry (one of the best analytical chemistry journals)
Journal of Chromatography A and B (one of the larger journals on chromatography; A is for general applications, B for biologically oriented separations)
Journal of Liquid Chromatography & Related Technologies (journal specific to liquid chromatography)
LCGC (similar to American Laboratory)
For a more comprehensive list, see:

updated 2/4/13