Chem 231 Homework Assignment 3

Due Mar. 11


The purpose of this homework assignment is to demonstrate the ability to find practical information from a scientific paper.


You will need to locate a paper in Journal of Chromatography (A or B), 2010 or more recent, that describes a method to analyze a sample for a compound or set of compounds.


You will be expected to give:

1.  A reference for the paper and a 1 to 3 sentence description of the paper including whether it describes a GC, or HPLC based method (it must be one of these types of methods), the types of samples, and the analyte(s).


2.  A description of 6 of the following items:

a.  column dimension (length x diameter) plus either film thickness or particle size diameter

b.  stationary phase material

c.  model of instrument used

d.  injection type and volume

e.  detector type

f.  total run time needed for each sample.

g.  information about analyte quantitation including detection limit and calibration method.

h.  temperature program (for GC) or eluent composition (HPLC)


For each specific item above that you give, give the page number were you found the information.