Chem 31 - Quantitative Analysis

Spring, 2017

Lab Instructor Offices and Office Hours

Instructor Office (all in Sequoia) Hours
Dr. Roy Dixon 446C M 12-1; Tu 11-12; F 9-10
Dr. Justin Miller-Schulze 426C M 3-4:30; Th 10:30-12
Dr. Jahansooz Toofan 444C Tu 2:30-4:30
Ms. Heidi Van Atta 337 M 10-11:30; W 11-12*

* in Help Office (Sequoia 504)

Class Syllabus

Sac CT (Blackboard) site notes: 1) The SacCT lecture site (section 1) will be used mainly to post exam, quiz, and graded homework keys and scores

Link to past classes website with links to 2 semesters of past exams and quizzes

Lab Manual p1 to 24 (This is being provided on a temporary basis until more lab manuals are available in the bookstore)

Tap Water Information

Formal Report Information

Homework Set 1

Additional Problem 1 (due 2/15) (Note: this problem is harder than the text propagation of uncertainty problems. If you would like other problems to try out before attempting this see the past classes web site - link above - and look at Fall 16, Quiz 2, Fall 16, Exam 1 Problem 2, Summer 16, Homework Set 1 - AP1.2, and Spring 15, Exam 1 Problem 3 as examples)

Additional Problem 2

Note: Additional Problem 2 refers to a page in the lab manual that has an error in it. The example spreadsheet (p. 55) has a formula with cells not matching the locations. This is a replacement spreadsheet.

Homework Set 2 (note: solutions to all sets now posted; Set 2.3 has been modified to just cover problems that will be on Exam 2)

Homework Set 3

Additional Problem 3 (note: this has been updated - new due date and correction of mistake - done 4/13/17)

Additional Problem 4

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3/1 Lecture Slides (updated 3/2 to change help session time and Cl lab due date)

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4/17 Lecture Slides (incomplete version - material on Exam 2, including review topics)

4/17 Lecture Slides (updated version)

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5/1 Lecture Slides

updated 4/30/17