Chem 31 - Quantitative Analysis

Fall, 2016

Lab Instructor Offices and Office Hours

Instructor Office (all in Sequoia) Hours
Dr. Roy Dixon 446C M 12-1; Tu 3-4; Th 10-11*
Dr. Justin Miller-Schulze 426C Tu 11-12:30; W 12:30-2
Dr. Jahansooz Toofan 444C M 1-2; W 1-2*; Tu 4:30-5:30
Ms. Heidi Van Atta 337 M 11-12*; M12-12:45; W 11-12

*These office hours are held in the HELP OFFICE (Sequoia 502)

Class Syllabus

Sac CT (Blackboard) site notes: 1) The SacCT lecture site (section 1) will be used mainly to post exam, quiz, and graded homework keys, 2) The SacCT lab sections (2 to 6 - depending which section you are in) will be used to post scores. (Note: there was an error on the solutions to AP1.2 key updated 9/26)

Link to past classes website with links to 2 semesters of past exams and quizzes

Laboratory Grading Document

Tap Water Page (information about tap water in the area - note this currently only has data on Ca and Mg)

Lab Notebook Checklist (Things to include in lab notebook to receive high score in grading)

Lab Manual p1 to 24 (This is being provided on a temporary basis until more lab manuals are available in the bookstore)

Lab Manual Co/Cr Excel Example (the spreadsheet on p. 71 was inadvertantly printed too small)

Formal Lab Grading Guidelines

Homework Set 1

Note: Exam 1 Key has been moved to the SacCT website - sorry but I forgot that I'm posting keys there. Also, note that multiple choice question 2 was worded vaguely so I gave everyone 4 points for that question.

Homework Set 2 (updated 10/17 - had an error - in red now - on AP2.1; updated AP2.2 with additional information on 10/31)

Homework Set 3

8/29 Lecture Notes

8/31 Lecture Notes

9/7 Lecture Notes

9/12 Lecture Notes

9/14 Lecture Notes

9/19 Lecture Notes

9/21 Lecture Notes

9/26 Lecture Notes

9/28 Lecture Notes

10/3 Lecture Notes

10/10 Lecture Notes

10/12 Lecture Notes

10/17 Lecture Notes

10/19 Lecture Notes (updated 10/23 - had an error - Spectroscopy Chapter is Chapter 18)

10/24 Lecture Notes

10/26 Lecture Notes

10/31 Lecture Notes

11/2 Lecture Notes

11/7 Lecture Notes (updated 11/8 - Exam 2 is 11/9 and slide 13 - wrong table #)

11/14 Lecture Notes

11/16 Lecture Notes

11/21 Lecture Notes

11/23 Lecture Notes

11/28 Lecture Notes

11/30 Lecture Notes

12/5 Lecture Notes

12/7 Lecture Notes

Note: The lab manual is now available at the bookstore

updated 12/7/16