Papers on Charge Aerosol Detection/Aerosol Charge Detection
updated 3/10/08

Detector Description/Advancement Papers:
Dixon, R. W. and D. S. Peterson, Development and testing of a new detector for liquid chromatography based on aerosol charging, Anal. Chem., 74,  2930-2937, 2002.  (Paper on our initial work)
P.H. Gamache, R.S. McCarthy, S.M. Freeto, D.J. Asa, M.J. Woodcock, K. Laws, and R.O. Cole, HPLC analysis of nonvolatile analytes using charged aerosol detection, LCGC North America, 23, 150, 152, 154, 156, 158, 160-161,
2005.  (Paper describing peformance and several applications of CAD)
T. Góreki, F. Lynen, R. Szucs, and P. Sandra,
Universal response in liquid chromatography using charged aerosol detection, Anal. Chem., 78, 3186-3192, 2006. (Paper describes using post-column compensating gradient to have response independent of retention time in a gradient elution).
Brunelli, C., T. Górecki, Y. Zhao, and P. Sandra, Corona-charged aerosol detection in supercritical fluid chromatography for Pharmaceutical Analysis, Anal. Chem., 79, 2472-2482, 2007.  (Paper describes first appliction of CAD with supercritical fluid chromatography)

Application Papers:
McCarthy, R., P. Gamache, and D. Asa,  Compound purity assessment and impurity testing with Corona CAD, G.I.T. Laboratory Journal, Europe, 9, 26-27, 2005.
Teutenberg, T., J. Tuerk, M. Holzhauser, T. K. Kiffmeyer, J. Paschlau, Comparison of a UV and CAD detector in pharmaceutical analysis, GIT Labor-Fachzeitschrift,
49,  718-721, 2005.

Asa, D., Carbohydrate and oligosaccharide analysis with a universal HPLC detector, American Laboratory, 38, 16, 18, 2006.
D., Detection of low levels of surfactants with a universal HPLC detector, LCGC North America, 56, Suppl., 2006.
A., S. Eerola, A. Ritieni, A. Rizzo, Development of analytical procedures to study changes in the composition of meat phospholipids caused by induced oxidation, J. Chromatogr., A, 1120, 211-220, 2006.
Dixon, R. W. and G. Baltzell, Determination of levoglucosan in atmospheric aerosols using high performance liquid chromatography with aerosol charge detection, J. Chromatogr. A, 1109, 214-221, 2006.
Moreau, R. A..  The analysis of lipids via HPLC with a charged aerosol detector, Lipids, 41, 727-734, 2006.
Teutenberg, T.; J. Tuerk, M. Holzhauser, and T. K. Kiffmeyer, Evaluation of column bleed by using an ultraviolet and a charged aerosol detector coupled to a high-temperature liquid chromatographic system, J. Chromatogr., A, 1119, 197-201, 2006.
Ward, T. J., R. F. Hamilton, Jr., R. W. Dixon, M. Paulsen, and C. D. Simpson, Characterization and evaluation of smoke tracers in PM: Results from the 2003 Montana wildfire Season, Atmos. Environ., 40, 7005-7017, 2006


Fireman, J., D. Carter, and M. Wallace, A charged aerosol detector that reduces vaccine development time,
American Biotechnology Laboratory, 25, 18, 20, 2007.
Forsatz, B. and N.H. Snow, HPLC with charged aerosol detection for pharmaceutical cleaning validation, LCGC North America, 25, 960, 962, 964, 966, 968, 2007.
Inagaki, S., J.Z. Min, and T. Toyo’oka, Direct detection method of oligosaccharides by high-performance liquid chromatography with charged aerosol detection, Biomed. Chromatgr., 21, 338-342, 2007.
Lísa, M., F. Lynen, M. Holčapek, P. Sandra, Quantitation of triacylglycerols from plant oils using charged aerosol detection with gradient compensation, J. Chromatogr., 1176, 135-142, 2007.

Loughlin, J., H. Phan, M. Wan, S. Guo, K. May and B. Lin, Evaluation of charged aerosol detection (CAD) as a complementary technique for high-throughput LC-MS-UV-ELSD analysis of drug discovery screening libraries, American Laboratory, 39, 24-27, 2007.
Wipf, P., S. Werner, L. A. Twining, and C. Kendall, HPLC determinations of enantiomeric ratios, Chirality, 19, 5-9, 2007.

Liu, X.-K., J. B. Fang, N. Cauchon, P. Zhou, Direct stability-indicating method development and validation for analysis of etidronated disodium using a mixed-mode column and charged aerosol detector, J. Pharm. Biomed. Anal., 46, 639-644, 2008.
Pistorino, M., B. A. Pfeifer, Polyketide analysis using mass spectrometry, evaporative light scattering, and charged aerosol detector systems, Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemsistry, 390, 1189-1193, 2008.
Sun, P., X. Wang, L. Alquier, C. A. Maryanoff, Determination of relative response factors of impurities in paclitaxel with high performance liquid chromatography equipped with ultraviolet and charged aerosol detectors, J. Chromatogr., A, 1177, 87-91, 2008.
Waraska, J., I. N. Acworth, Neurolipids and the use of a charged aerosol detector, American Biotechnology Laboratory, 26, 12-13, 2008.

CAD in Review papers:
Zhang, B., X. Li, B. Yin, Advances in HPLC detection - towards universal detection, Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 390, 299-301, 2008.

Note to readers:  If I have missed other peer-reviewed journal articles to add to this list, feel free to let me know of them.